WTEW: Sunflower Butter


I have been learning more and more about Ayurveda these days. I love digging into Eastern medicine, culture, and traditions. Western medicine is not the only way to go. A mixture of the two is best in my book. And did you know that Ayurveda is actually the sister science to yoga? I didn’t until a few weeks ago. Very cool!

Without going into too much detail of Ayurveda, there are three dosha’s (vata, kapha, pitta). Each person has a dominate dosha, but is generally a mixture of the 3 in some way. If you are interested in learning more, you can find out more about ayurveda and the dosha’s by clicking HERE.

Sunflower seeds are excellent for ALL the dosha’s. Peanuts, on the other hand, are not. So I have recently made the switch to sunflower butter. And even if you do not have any interest in Ayurveda whatsoever, let me just tell you…


Where has it been all my life? My head has been in a peanut butter cloud for over 25 years. If you are like me, sunflower butter has never crossed the mind. I hear all the time about almond butter (I am not a fan) and hazelnut butter (Nutella), but never hear about sunflower butter. But, I am a changed woman. I now eat sunflower butter atop my protein pancake (pictured below) or Ezekial toast. I always sprinkle honey on top too.

Protein pancake with sunflower butter and honey!

Protein pancake with sunflower butter and honey!

Another way to use sunflower butter if toast or pancakes isn’t your thang is to make sunballs. I make these on the regular. They are my homemade replacement for Larabars, but I am now preferring them so have not bought a package of my beloved Larabars for awhile now. Sorry Lara! 😉 The recipe can be found HERE.

If you know any peeps with a peanut allergy, this is a GREAT replacement! Most sunflower butter brands I have seen are made in a peanut-free location. My favorite brand is the Sunbutter brand, but it is the only one I have tried. It came highly recommended to me and I was hooked right away. I found it at Natural Grocer’s, but I bet Whole Foods, Central Market, Sprouts, etc. probably have it too. It’s more expensive than peanut butter, but oh so worth it!

Eat well, friends!

  • jillconyers

    I love love sunbutter! I don’t think I’ve ever met a nut or seed butter I didn’t like 🙂