WTEW: Dreaming Cow

Dreaming cow

If you are at all interested in where food comes from, you know that many food companies treat animals inhumanely. But, there are also food companies that don’t. And those I like to spotlight. Those are the companies I am going to support with my dollar and cents, fo sho! So, that leads me to today’s What to Eat Wednesday… Dreaming Cow yogurt.

Have you heard of them yet? I found these gems at Target and had to try them right away. I was blown away by the flavor and texture. I like to add a little crunch so put in a tad of granola and dark chocolate chips. Holy cow (pun intended), it was delish!

So how do they treat their cows? Well, they let the cows roam freely. They let the cows eat from the pasture. They let the cows…. well, be cows. You can see for yourself by the vid below. You really only need to watch a few seconds to catch the drift.

I am so inspired by companies who create a product AND do well by the environment, nature, or animal kingdom. Humans are not the only ones on this planet so we need not be greedy. Am I right, or am I right? And if you are a pet person, you for sure understand. You would NEVER want anything to happen to that sweet ‘lil ‘ol pet of yours. So when we are taking milk from a cow for whatever reason, we can do it with dignity. Yes, I know cows aren’t technically pets and we even kill some for beef, but that does not mean that we let them suffer or put them in incredibly horrible living conditions. All animals deserve to be happy while living on planet earth.

Okay, off soap box now. Don’t I sound like a little treehugger? No, but really.. you do vote with your dollar so make a wise choice when purchasing goods. Even if you don’t try Dreaming Cow and plan to stick with your favorite yogurt brand, do your research. Make sure the supplier treats its cows well. Same goes for any other milk product.

So back to Dreaming Cow. I bought 5 different flavors at Target this past week and have not had a bad flavor so far. I’ve tried the Dark Cherry Chai, Maple Ginger, and Vanilla Agave. They run about $1.25 per container so not much more than the Chobani or Fage brands.

Oh and I LOVE their slogan… Happy Moo, Happy You. Totally diggin’ it!

Have you tried Dreaming Cow yet? If so, which flavor is your favorite?