Workout Spotlight: Pilates

Workout spotlight pilates

I love to mix my workouts up.  I get just plain bored if I do the same things day in, day out.  Since I am running quite a bit to keep up with my half marathon training program, I like to include Pilates these days for my strength training.  Locally for Pilates, I take at a place called BodyBar and I have quickly fallen in love with the Pilates Reformer classes.

I tell you what, with Pilates Reformer classes (and BodyBar has a Pilates Reformer Jump class too that is killer!), I take my muscles to the next level.  I don’t bulk up either.  Pilates seems to lengthen out my muscles.

I know you can’t judge a workout by how sore you are, but I always smile when I have a little soreness… makes me feel like I kicked some  mega ass! Pilates still gets me sore, but is lighter on the joints than most weight-lifting programs.  It’s lighter on the joints than running too, which is precisely why I have added it to my current mix.  It complements running quite well.  Although, so does massage therapy… (cue: “if I had a million dollars” song).

With all the studio type classes getting more and more popular, Pilates can get expensive.  However, even mat Pilates classes at gyms are good to add to your mix if you have a gym membership.  Pilates focuses on core movements and we all know strengthening the core is vital.  Most studios run specials at certain times too.  I got a great deal on my membership over the holidays.

If you are needing a fresh, new workout to add to your mix, check out Pilates sometime.  You won’t regret it!  In fact, you may get hooked like I have.