What I learned from a 13 yr old…

I had the pleasure of spending Thanksgiving with family from Austin and New Braunfels.  One of my cousins is 13 going on 20 it seems and there are plenty of things I did not know before Thanksgiving day.  Apparently I need to spend more time with 13 year old’s!

I am a huge family person so had a blast catching up with my cousins, aunt, uncle, grandparents, and immediate family.  I didn’t realize I would be learning a few new things, but I sure did.

13 yr old

Teenagers love acronyms.   I knew this, but the scale of acronyms has grown exponentially over the past year or so.  Ever heard of BAE?  I was asked by my cousin, “So how is your bae?”  I responded with, “uhhh.. is that short for something?”  His reply, “Before anyone else.”  I still had NO CLUE WHAT HE MEANT by that!  After further questioning, I realized that BAE is a replacement for significant other and technically you are supposed to tell your significant other things before you tell anyone else or put that person before anyone else.  Sigh.  I don’t think I will be using that one, but at least I know what it means the next time a teenager uses it in a sentence.

Forever 21 has trendy guy clothes.  My cousin came dressed to impress.  His favorite store?  Forever 21.  I didn’t know a guy’s department existed here, but now I know that even guys can save money on trendy clothes that go in and out of style fast.

Grand theft auto is the new game of life.  Remember the game of life as a kid?  I loved that game.  Now, kids play video games.  We had grand theft auto growing up, but I am pretty sure it was just Grand Theft Auto 1.  Now they are on 5.  The people in the video game are more real-looking than ever.  The main player has a dysfunctional family and the family in the game actually go to therapy together at times.  The main player can even check his email on his cell phone or send a text while driving.  He can do yoga or take a swig of some whiskey when he wants.  It looked like a very crazy game of life.. and not a life I would choose, that’s for sure.

The snapshot app is hot.  Do you have the snapshot app?  I am adding this one to my repertoire.  Apparently, you can take a funny snapshot of anything you want for a specified duration.  Then, you decide how long you want your recipient to have to view it.  For instance, you see a guy walking down the street in a thong.  You snapshot it for 5 secs and send it to your friend to view in 5 secs.  You friend is checking emails and all of a sudden sees a 5 sec shot of a guy in a thong.  It disappears after 5 secs, providing your friend a quick giggle and a “what the hell was that?!” face.  Classic!

13 year old guys aren’t that into healthy eating.  Let me preface this with saying that no 13 year old should be forced to think about healthy eating in a restrictive way.  My cousin told me that every time I write my “What to Eat Wednesday” blog post, it makes him want Cheetos.  I am 100% okay with this.  As a dietitian/nutritionist, I see too many adults restrict their kids to eating only healthy foods or watch their weight at a young age.  This is not behavior kids fully understand and can create disordered eating later on.  At 13, kids are still growing and need food to grow.  So, Cheetos or apples, eat up cous!

You can’t care about what others think.  This is a strong, powerful message I learned from my cousin yesterday.  Okay, I knew this.  But, do I practice this daily?  No.  And I wish I would.  What others think does not dictate who we are.  My cousin was bullied throughout elementary school so I asked him how everything was going at school.  He is in middle school now.  He told me that once he started standing up for himself and responding with, “I don’t really care what you think,” the bullying stopped.  In fact, some of his bullies now look up to him.  My cousin has plenty of friends and I can see a confidence in him that I truly admire.  I pray that other 13 year old’s can learn this lesson at a young age and stay true to it into adulthood.  Heck, I even pray that adults can be reminded of this from time to time.

I am extremely thankful of the things I learned on Thanksgiving day.  How about that.  Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving as well!