Wedding Series: Wedding Week!


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First things first, THE DRESS FITS AND LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t wait to wear it on Saturday and am feeling a HUGE sense of relief. Now I can just enjoy the rest of my wedding week. 🙂

I am not in a video kind of mood today so am going to recap where I am at and where I am going with words. Oh, I love words. Writing can be so therapeutic… ya know?!

This past week, some of the many things I have accomplished with the wedding planning include:

  1. Finalizing the catering order. I am thinking we will have about 115 guests attend so have the number at 125 so that my vendors can eat too. And I definitely think it is better to overestimate when it comes to the food rather than underestimate.
  2. Picking up snacks for the day of. Costco is a rockin’… I love that place! I picked up some snacks for the day of. I have a lot of AWESOME peeps helping out with the decor and getting the place ready for the big event. Some of the snacks I got are: Seapoint Farms Energy Blend, Bare Crunchy Apple Chips, and Kirkland’s Apple Sauce Pouches. I will also pick up sandwiches somewhere and bought a few more nut mixes at Target. I also got some sweet treats (Rice Krispies Treats) for the peeps that need a lil’ suga!
  3. Getting a facial and am one day shy of being done with teeth whitening strips. I was told by a few friends of mine to pamper myself. Well, lucky me, I had a gift certificate to Evanesque in Dallas. I used it for a hydrafacial today and loved it. My face feels so smooth! And the esthetician was FANTASTIC. I would so go back! And to the teeth whitening… if you ever need a quick inexpensive teeth whitening product for an event, give Up and Up brand a try (from Target). My teeth already look whiter and you only have to use them for 30 minutes at a time for 7 days. Love that!
  4. Getting a few engagement pictures taken. I needed a few more good pictures of us for our picture frames. We went to our photographer’s house after work one day and got a few taken by his pool and landscaping. They are being mailed to me tomorrow. Can’t wait to see them in person!

A few other things to note… My parents are AWESOME. They have taken care of all the booze and have it in their garage. My mom made all of the party favors yesterday. They turned out so cute. Pic below… I couldn’t resist snapping a photo!


Wedding party favors

I have been walking outdoors as my workouts this past week and will continue this week. It triples as a stress reliever, joy booster, and physical activity. Lovin’ it! And I have been a little stricter with my nutrition this past week and will continue there too…. not too over the top, but am sticking to mostly non-label, minimal ingredient foods! Tone It Up has a 7 day slim down that I have been loosely following.

5 DAYS LEFT Y’ALL.. I am getting so excited. My next wedding-related post may just be a picture montage once I get some back from the photographer. Can’t wait to share!

Have a great week, friends!