Wedding Series: 10 weeks to go!

Wedding Series 5


I have 10 weeks left to go until my wedding. I am back to the video blogging for all you visual lovers (like me!). I played around with a “makeshift studio” this time, trying to get a white backdrop. Hey, it ain’t perfect but it works. Appreciating the imperfect, that’s what life is about!

Cue the video…

For those that like words better, here is a summary of what I covered:

Wedding planning deets

  1. Decor: Purchased beautiful lanterns from Pier One. They are having a huge sale on lanterns and candles right now. Check this baby out!
  2. The dress is in! I got a call on Saturday that my dress is in and to schedule a fitting. I hope it fits!! I’ll find out on Friday. Wish I could show you the dress, but my fiance sometimes reads the blog so if you are interested in seeing it just shoot me a facebook message or email.

Health-related deets

  1. I am all about more mindful living… and if I have never mentioned it before, intuitive eating changed my life! I love following other professionals who believe in sharing a mindful lifestyle. They don’t prescribe diets because they know diets do not work. EVER. Period. I recently found a podcast that I am seriously digging on! Lauren Fowler recommended it on her blog (Mindful meals). The podcast is called Fearless Rebelle Radio by Summer Innanen. Greatness! And side note, I have REALLY been getting into podcasts lately so if you need any recommendations let me know.
  2. My fellow dietitian friend, Cindy, and I are kicking off the National Nutrition Month Challenge this week. Did you see her guest post yesterday and are you joining in? If not, you SHOULD be! We are giving away a $25 gift card to Whole Foods this week. Plus, photo challenges on Instagram are so much fun. Our goal is to promote a healthy, positive lifestyle with no restriction necessary! No don’ts… just do’s. Just the way we like it. Use the #NNMChallenge on Instagram if you are participating. It’s all in good fun and you won’t want to miss. Holla!

That’s it for the wedding catch up. How was your week? Name one of your favorite things you did this past week?

  • Cindy

    SHOUT OUT!! =)
    Ok so, I feel I must comment on everything you said! Annnndddd Go!

    -You are too cute! And you are going to make a gorgeous bride! 10 weeks!!! Ekk!
    -Lol, so I spent like all day this past Saturday trying to rig up a “video studio”. It was hilarious! My husband kept walking by and laughing! I gathered up ALL of the lamps and sheets. It was a disaster. I ended up sitting in front of my living room window to film… We will get it though!
    -Soooo I’m a chalkboard fanatic! Are you a diy girl? I make them all the time. I’ll gladly share tips and tricks!
    -I listen to a couple of of podcast. I started listening because I wanted to venture out and try one myself. I’m not good at navigating b/c all I find are extremely old ones…so I’ll definitely take the recommendation.
    -Cereal all the way for dinner tonight =)
    Love your necklace btw!

    • You are awesome!! I love your comments. It is funny what we bloggers can do to try and make things look good. I have had many photo fails and video fails. 🙂 I am definitely a DIY girl so would love the tips and tricks. I don’t always have success with DIY stuff, but I always try (and sometimes try again). Podcasts.. if you like comedy, check out Truth and Iliza (she is pretty funny) or Brandy Glanville Unfiltered. If you like Ted talks, check out TED radio hour. I haven’t listened to that one yet but it’s on my list.

  • You’re adorable. I enjoyed your video and i would love to see your dress! HOW FREAKIN’ EXCITING!!!!

  • You are making me so excited!!! 😉 I am so happy you found the dress! 🙂 I am also into podcasts lately so I would love to hear some more. I am checking Summer Innanen now xx P.S. the “makeshift” studio is looking grrrrrreat 🙂

    • You are so sweet, thank you!!! Some of my favorite podcasts (besides the Fearless Rebelle Radio) are: Brandi Glanville Unfiltered (only recommend it if you watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), Truth and Iliza (she is a kick butt female comedian), and I have this one saved because I love TED talks so am excited for it, but can’t vouch for it yet- TED Radio Hour.

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