My Top Healthy Living Tools

The Fit Dish link ups on Tuesday are quickly becoming a favorite of mine. I link up with The Fit Switch and The Fit Pepper every Tuesday for a fun fitness topic. Today’s topic is healthy living tools. I will share with you some of my top tools…

But first, ARE YOU READY?!?!? (to be said like this guy…)

My top tools, in no particular order, include:

  1. Fitbit Flex. I used to have a Fitbit zip and raved about that before, but I have recently upgraded to the flex and love it. It helps me stay active throughout the day. I have a desk job so it is essential that I move throughout the day even if I had a morning workout. I love the app that comes with it as well. I can add friends and we can compete if we want. I can also track my sleep. I don’t use the nutrition part of it, but you can track your food intake if you want.
  2. Favorite fitness DVDs. It is important to have a library of 3-5 fitness DVDs that you just love. There are plenty of days that I do not want to go anywhere to get my workout on. I love being able to get a good workout in at home. My DVDs of choice are Insanity, PiYo, and TurboFire.
  3. Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. I love yoga, but do not live too close to a yoga studio. I have fallen in love with the youtube series, Yoga with Adriene. She is a phenomenal yoga teacher and if I teach yoga someday, I hope that I do it with as much love, grace, and authenticity as Adriene does. Oh and the healthy humor she has is great too. Love it!
  4. Tone It Up on YouTube. I clearly like to mix up my workouts. When I need a quick workout, I will sometime tune in to a Tone It Up workout on YouTube. My favorite is the Love your body with HIIT.
  5. Keeping nutrition essentials on hand. So the top 4 tools are for fitness, but nutrition is just as important. I keep my kitchen stocked with essentials. I always have fresh fruit and vegetables in my fridge that are easy to grab. I love apples and carrots for that reason. One of the previous Fit Dish topics was about healthy foods I wouldn’t want to live without. I listed 10 of my favorite essentials!
  6. Awesome smelling candles or essential oils. These help me with stress management. I love a good scent and quite frankly, I believe in the power of aromatherapy! I am still learning about essential oils, but currently love the smell of Eucalyptus.

Those are my current top tools. I know I am probably forgetting something, but 6 ain’t bad. What about you? What is your top healthy living tool?


  • MB Jackson

    I love my Fitbit and i combine it with an app called EveryMove! You get credit for all your activities- from running to yoga to washing the car. You log it in, my steps sync from Fitbit and I earn really cool rewards!

  • Cindy

    Love this! I wanted to join in on this link up. I just haven’t had the time! #StoryofmyLife I know I have asked you before… But, are you going to FNCE?

    • I am with you on the time thing. It is hard making time for blogging with a full time job. I often have to give myself a break. I don’t think I am going to FNCE this year. Are you? If the company I work for paid for it, I would for sure go. It’d be all out of pocket for me so I may have to pass.

  • Brittany Suell

    I love yoga! and although I’m an instructor, I can’t always make it out of the house to go take classes as well as teach! (I have a baby)….so I am def. going to check out that Youtube channel! I would love to find a good channel to do yoga from home to! Also, I love the point about the good smelling candles! I’m a huge atmosphere person! I feel at peace at home when the lamp is on, the candles are lit, and I have coffee in hand, and light music playing! That is a good point, to bring peace and maintain a healthy lifestyle, that might need to be added to my list 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • Jessica Durfee

    Love this list, and thank you for recommending a yoga youtube channel. It’s just what I need. And, I’m excited to try a Tone It Up workout. Love those ladies. Oooh, big question for you. I love essentials oils too, and would like to use them to “scent”? the house. What do you use? I do have a wax burner, and a friend said I could put a few drops in with water, and a light a candle under it. But, I am curious if there is another way. Thanks for linking up BRI! You’re awesome. And, thanks for the sweet intro. Made me smile…BIG. Take care @theFitSwitch

    • That is a VERY good question and I wish I had the answer, but I am still new to essential oils. I honestly just keep the bottle next to me, opened, as I work. I plan to do more research and will let you know when I find out more!

  • I have started to get into yoga and I will definitely check out the Yoga with Adrienne on Youtube along with the Tone it Up. They both sound great! Thanks!!

  • Jenn

    I also love you tube yoga. Have you checked out Bad Yogi? she is super cool!