Tiger Stripes Earned!

It has been awhile since I have posted.┬áBut today I find myself wanting to write… about tiger stripes. But, we’ll get to that.

I consider myself a body-positive dietitian. I believe that loving your body is the first step towards getting healthier or maintaining health. If you do not love the skin you are in, you won’t ever truly feel good about yourself no matter what size you are.

With that said, I have a confession to make…

I used to be scared of what my body would look like after having a baby. This “fear” was before I knew the power of loving your body. Just want to make that clear- I did not have this fear while I was pregnant. In fact, I LOVED being pregnant- growing belly and all.

So this fear was in me in my early twenties. Before engagement. Before marriage. Before baby. I was also terrified of the whole “birth” thing, but figured I would either get over that or not have any kids. But I always knew I wanted to be a mom so I had to “suck it up buttercup” at some point.

Thank God I did. I cannot imagine my life without my little boy. The cool thing is, though, this fear went away years before I had my son. It went away when I gave up dieting, restriction, and strict exercise. It went away when I traded in all of that garbage for trusting in myself and loving my body. I started to honor my hunger and fullness cues, no matter what the food on my plate was. I didn’t have to eat cardboard to feel good inside.


The day before I gave birth to my son!

And now, after having my son I still do not restrict my calories or put in miles on the pavement. I eat when hungry, stop when full, do 30 minutes of one of my favorite exercises most days of the week, never feel negative if I eat cookies or skip a workout, and most importantly LOVE MY BODY. And I am back to a very healthy weight for me.

I never had the goal to get “back to my pre-pregnancy body”. My body has forever changed. I have stretch marks on my belly, but I call them tiger stripes and I earned those bad boys. Every time I see them, I am reminded of how special it was to carry my child in my belly for 9 months and how special it is to have him with me now.

What about you? What do YOU love about your body?