The Fit Dish Interview

Fit Dish Interview

Were you one of those peeps growing up that LOVED playing mash or answering questions about yourself for school projects? I did. I loved thinking about the past and the future. It has always been fun, although only now do I realize how important the present is too.

For this week’s Fit Dish link up with Jill Conyers and The Fit Switch, I am to answer some questions. Taking me back… and I love it.

So, here we go…

  1. What is your proudest achievement to date? Marrying the love of my life three days after the worst day of my life. It wasn’t easy AT ALL, but I learned that with him I can get through just about anything. Β And I also realized just how big my support system really is. It was amazing to feel all the love at my wedding. It still gets me teary eyed to be honest. Love is what life is about.
  2. What keeps you passionate? Curiosity. Passion comes in different areas for me, for sure, but in terms of my career staying curious is what keeps the spark alive. I love learning new things, having open discussions with others, meeting new health professionals, trying out new workouts, taste testing, reading health-related books, keeping up with the trends, etc. A curious mind is a growing mind.
  3. What makes you the most proud to be a woman? Honestly, I would have to say the ability to empathize or relate to others. I don’t know that I would say men can’t do the same, but it comes natural for a lot of women. Call it the maternal instict. I am also proud that women come in all different shapes and sizes and we are ALL beautiful in our own unique way. Hot diggity damn!
  4. Why do you think it’s so important for woman to unite as a sisterhood and empower each other? We all go through different experiences (highs and lows) at different points in our lives. We will be depressed about something at some point and we will be thrilled about something at another point. I can guarantee that when we are depressed we are the hardest on ourselves. No one else needs to beat us down. Instead, we need to get each other out of the funk when we are in it. Get us back to that kick-butt self that we really are! Unite and kick butt together. How about that?! Plus, I think we all bring positives to the table. We all have unique talents and gifts. Let’s embrace them. Together we are more powerful!
  5. What are some examples of small ways we can empower the women around us in our day to day life? 1) Smile to another woman daily. Even something as simple as a smile can change a person’s day. 2) Let a friend know how kick ass she is. No, you don’t have to be mush-face (unless you want to), but saying a positive at some point everytime you see your friend can be inspiring. For example, are y’all meeting for a run? Tell her how good she did afterward and give her a high five. Or is that a new dress she got and looks great in? Tell her how beautiful she looks. And lastly, 3.) Share your story. Share with others when given the chance. I think shame is a big problem (that is finally being talked about- thanks Brene Brown!), but talking more can get rid of shame for a lot of peeps. Most of us think we are alone in our problems. Newsflash! We aren’t. Someone else also has crippling fears of speaking in public or has to take off days from working out because the couch and McDonald’s sound more appealing. You are NOT the only one! No problem is worth guilt and shame.
  6. What is one piece of advice you would like to share with the #FitFam? Health is so worth the life-changing habits unless the life-changing habits start to rule you. Not to get all serious on ya now, but it’s the very reason I believe in intuitive eating over any diet. I felt ruled by diets in the past and it was a worse road to walk down than the time I was a child regularly eating instant mashed potatoes, a roll, and Little Debbie with a Cherry Coke for lunch. If health takes away your happy, you are no longer healthy! Be true to you, my friend.

These interview questions are inspired by the Lorna Jane #IAMWOMAN campaign. Love it, love it, love it!

  • MB Jackson

    Nice! I am proud to be a woman and proud of this #fitfam group! I like your comment on the curious mind is a growing mind. It takes just a small amount of time to make a huge impact in someone’s day, we have to all commit to doing that daily. I think it starts by walking out the door with a smile on our face πŸ™‚

  • hahaha, I’ve always loved answering questions about myself too (there’s nothing I know more about! πŸ˜› ).

    The advice you gave is spot on too! :] Making the changes to live a healthier life is so worth it!

    P.S. I love the new look of your blog! <3

  • Lori Musselman

    Yes to the smile! And being able to empathize with others is an amazing gift that we all have and need to use more. I also like to eat intuitively… it just seems better to eat for your body than what someone has to say πŸ™‚

  • Jessica Joy @theFitSwitch

    Loved this post from start to finish. Bri, you are so fun, and I wish we could have played MASH together. lol! I love the point you made about how we all have our highs and lows at different times, it’s true, and when we’re high, it’s important to reach out and help others. That concept always takes away any judging, because we ALL have lows etc, it’s just a matter of when. : ) You’re a stud. Thanks for linking, Lovely lady! PS, the bloggy looks hot!

    • Thanks Jessica! You are awesome. Wish we could have played MASH together too.. haha πŸ™‚

  • jillconyers

    Where do I start? BOOM! with the advice about life changing habits starting to rule you. We’re not even aware it’s happening until it reaches a point of unhealthiness and control. It’s all about fitness health AND happiness and it feels wonderful. Way to rock The Fit Dish this week Bri. #fitfamlove

    • Happiness is HUGE. That’s one of the many reasons I love your blog tag line. πŸ™‚

  • This is so great! Love it all! I’m also loving the fact that we’re all more comfortable sharing our stories. I LOVE Brene Brown too! She is just so wonderful!

  • Jennifer

    Bri – I just love this. It is evident that you are a strong and inspiring woman. I love that we share curiosity! It’s the best.