Wedding Pictures!

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you have probably seen quite a few of these but I wanted to post them on the blog as well. Here are a few of my wedding pictures. Enjoy!

My Groom

My Groom

The Bride

The Bride

Right after getting ready to walk down the aisle!

Right after getting ready to walk down the aisle!

My dad and me. Love him!

My dad and me. Love him!

Matt and I at the alter.

Matt and I at the alter.

We're Married. This deserves a fist pump!

We’re Married. This deserves a fist pump!

I love the outdoor look in this picture. It stopped raining right before we had the ceremony!

I love the outdoor look in this picture. It stopped raining right before we had the ceremony!

Our wedding party. Want to know something cool? I had all "M" bridesmaids.

Our wedding party. Want to know something cool? I happened to have all “M” bridesmaids. And those are my two brothers on the right.

I had to have a picture with the cool door.

I had to have a picture with the cool door.

Dinner time. But first, a kiss.

Dinner time. But first, a kiss.

Our first dance as husband and wife.

Our first dance as husband and wife.

Before I go, I want to let you know that I plan to do a blog makeover REAL soon! I am a “font” nerd and hate my current font. And then from there I decided…. why don’t I give the blog a whole new fresh look all around?! So over the next few weeks (hopefully) you should see it looking a little different around here. Hoping to do it myself, but oftentimes I get myself into pickles and need help getting out of them so we will see. Luckily I have a new husband that is savvy with EVERYTHING! 😉

Cheers to the weekend, friends!

Wedding Series: Wedding Week!


Wedding Series (7)

First things first, THE DRESS FITS AND LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t wait to wear it on Saturday and am feeling a HUGE sense of relief. Now I can just enjoy the rest of my wedding week. 🙂

I am not in a video kind of mood today so am going to recap where I am at and where I am going with words. Oh, I love words. Writing can be so therapeutic… ya know?!

This past week, some of the many things I have accomplished with the wedding planning include:

  1. Finalizing the catering order. I am thinking we will have about 115 guests attend so have the number at 125 so that my vendors can eat too. And I definitely think it is better to overestimate when it comes to the food rather than underestimate.
  2. Picking up snacks for the day of. Costco is a rockin’… I love that place! I picked up some snacks for the day of. I have a lot of AWESOME peeps helping out with the decor and getting the place ready for the big event. Some of the snacks I got are: Seapoint Farms Energy Blend, Bare Crunchy Apple Chips, and Kirkland’s Apple Sauce Pouches. I will also pick up sandwiches somewhere and bought a few more nut mixes at Target. I also got some sweet treats (Rice Krispies Treats) for the peeps that need a lil’ suga!
  3. Getting a facial and am one day shy of being done with teeth whitening strips. I was told by a few friends of mine to pamper myself. Well, lucky me, I had a gift certificate to Evanesque in Dallas. I used it for a hydrafacial today and loved it. My face feels so smooth! And the esthetician was FANTASTIC. I would so go back! And to the teeth whitening… if you ever need a quick inexpensive teeth whitening product for an event, give Up and Up brand a try (from Target). My teeth already look whiter and you only have to use them for 30 minutes at a time for 7 days. Love that!
  4. Getting a few engagement pictures taken. I needed a few more good pictures of us for our picture frames. We went to our photographer’s house after work one day and got a few taken by his pool and landscaping. They are being mailed to me tomorrow. Can’t wait to see them in person!

A few other things to note… My parents are AWESOME. They have taken care of all the booze and have it in their garage. My mom made all of the party favors yesterday. They turned out so cute. Pic below… I couldn’t resist snapping a photo!


Wedding party favors

I have been walking outdoors as my workouts this past week and will continue this week. It triples as a stress reliever, joy booster, and physical activity. Lovin’ it! And I have been a little stricter with my nutrition this past week and will continue there too…. not too over the top, but am sticking to mostly non-label, minimal ingredient foods! Tone It Up has a 7 day slim down that I have been loosely following.

5 DAYS LEFT Y’ALL.. I am getting so excited. My next wedding-related post may just be a picture montage once I get some back from the photographer. Can’t wait to share!

Have a great week, friends!

Wedding Series: 2 Weeks to Go!

Wedding Series (1)

Two weeks until the big day! I am kinda freaking out. But that’s okay, because I have not felt the nerves until now. And a bride is supposed to feel some nerves, right?

Anyway, I have a quick 3 minute vlog about why the nerves are a bit high. Check it:

I am stressed about the dress. Any other brides out there, past or present, feel my pain? I hate feeling this way because I know it sounds so vain, but a bride does want to look beautiful on her big day. Especially when SO MANY EYES are on the bride and groom at all times.

I can officially say that my advice for future brides is to make sure you order a size up EVEN if the seller tells you that you are the exact size of the dress. I should have followed my intuition on this one, but I disregarded it and followed the seller’s advice instead. You want to be able to alter some things if needed. My dress fits everywhere else wonderfully, but is a tad too tight around my rib cage. The back is beautiful and needs to be able to button up without any snags or drags or whatever the word is that I am looking for. I am hopeful that the seamstress can let it out just a tad, but honestly she should have done this weeks ago at my last fitting. Which leads me to another word of advice for brides: get a seamstress you trust and can communicate with easily. If she has a million dresses in her office, go with someone else. Nothing against her, but she probably has her hands way too full.

Enough about the dress.. that really isn’t the most important part of a wedding anyway. I get to marry a wonderful man whom I love so much. And that is a beautiful thing. I cannot wait to be his wife!

Before I go, here are a few pictures from my bachelorette party this past weekend:

Wedding Series: 3 Weeks to Go!

Wedding Series

Holy moly, I am almost a Kennedy. And that almost rhymed. Almost. We are 3 weeks out until the big day. I am so stinking’ excited. So excited that I even use the word excited SO MANY TIMES in my video blog AND in this sentence. 🙂

You know what I love about weddings? Well, besides the dancing, of course? The camaraderie around weddings. Hope I spelt that right, but I don’t feel like checkin’ so no judging if I didn’t. I love that weddings bring together people from all over. Family from near and far and friends from other mothers. Everyone getting along and having a great time. And ours will be no different. So here’s to that!

Here is my wedding vlog for this week. Eventually I will get my professional video editor (aka MK) to edit my videos and pump them up, but for now they are still 100% Bri-made. New back drop though… I got a new MacBook Air (LOVIN’ IT) so now I can travel with my iPhoto. Who knows?! Next one may be outside…. whoa!

Check it…

I have my bachelorette party on Saturday! I am going to Ft. Worth with a few friends to enjoy a night out on the town. My madre was going to join us, but she has decided to sit this party out. I can’t blame her… she has dog duty with my dad out of town! Anyway, I must say I am looking forward to a fun girls night! Perhaps I will have some pictures to share on the blog soon. 😉

Have a great week, my friend! What is one of your favorite things you have done at a bachelorette party?

Wedding Series: 1 Month to go!

Wedding Series 7

Exactly 1 month to go until our wedding day. Both MK and I feel beyond blessed and excited for our big day. I have spent more of my time with the wedding planning these past few weeks and work is still super busy so blogging went to the wayside a bit, but I realllllllllly wanted to write a post today so took some “me” time to write.

A few updates since my last wedding series post…

  1. The dress fits! And it is at home with me. 🙂 The shoes are perfect.. not too tall and the color matches (my dress is ivory over light gold).
  2. MY MOM IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that is excitement you can sense from my words. She got back this past Saturday and is in town until end of May or early June. I am one lucky lady! We are going shopping for her dress Saturday. She is going to look gorgeous. I can’t wait to find her perfect dress!
  3. We have flower girl dresses and the suits and ties for the guys. I am not one to get excited about ties, but I kinda wish I was a dude for a day so I could wear one of these bad boys MK and I picked out. They are nice! And the flower girl dresses are adorable. My mom is going to add some plum flair (probably just a sash) to them, but for the most part they are complete. I have to say, Macy’s was the place to go for both the flower girl dresses and the ties. Suits we got from Jos A Bank.
  4. Photographer, officiate, and DJ are paid for. One of the things I am finding with wedding planning is that I love getting certain things completely done. That includes payments. The less I have to worry about on my big day the better.
  5. No shower. We decided not to have a bridal shower. Most ladies in the South get a million showers, but the part I hate the most about events is the invitation process and accidentally leaving people out. Plus, we really do not need anything. We 100% would rather our peeps donate to charity!

My mom is so cute. She has been wanting a “task” so I have sent her a few to’do’s. She is currently in charge of the party favors (well, getting the stuff ordered b/c then we will make them together) and the welcome bags for any hotel guests coming from out of town. She is also in charge of getting lots of family pictures together.

One of the things I love about a wedding is all the “love” that surrounds it. It is not lost on me that I am able to love another soul because of the love that I have been given throughout my life from family and friends. I cannot express enough gratitude to those important peeps in my life, including the man I am about to marry. Love is a gift meant to be shared, y’all!

So with that, much love to ya…

Wedding Series Vlog: 8 Weeks!

Wedding Series 6

Less than 8 weeks to go. Hollaaaaa!!!! I am so thrilled… we are having a blast with the planning process and this day is going to be one big PARTAY. Heck yeah!

So, check it… I got a video blog ready for this week’s wedding series recap. No written summary this time because I am too exhausted to type. Haha! How about that?! After this, I am off to sit my booty down and watch a couple hours of TV. 🙂 Bates Motel anyone?!?

Let’s have a question of the day, wedding-style. If you already got married, what was your absolute favorite thing about your wedding? If you are not already married, what are you most looking forward to about your big day?

Happy day, happy week dear friends! Smooches.

Wedding Series: 10 weeks to go!

Wedding Series 5


I have 10 weeks left to go until my wedding. I am back to the video blogging for all you visual lovers (like me!). I played around with a “makeshift studio” this time, trying to get a white backdrop. Hey, it ain’t perfect but it works. Appreciating the imperfect, that’s what life is about!

Cue the video…

For those that like words better, here is a summary of what I covered:

Wedding planning deets

  1. Decor: Purchased beautiful lanterns from Pier One. They are having a huge sale on lanterns and candles right now. Check this baby out!
  2. The dress is in! I got a call on Saturday that my dress is in and to schedule a fitting. I hope it fits!! I’ll find out on Friday. Wish I could show you the dress, but my fiance sometimes reads the blog so if you are interested in seeing it just shoot me a facebook message or email.

Health-related deets

  1. I am all about more mindful living… and if I have never mentioned it before, intuitive eating changed my life! I love following other professionals who believe in sharing a mindful lifestyle. They don’t prescribe diets because they know diets do not work. EVER. Period. I recently found a podcast that I am seriously digging on! Lauren Fowler recommended it on her blog (Mindful meals). The podcast is called Fearless Rebelle Radio by Summer Innanen. Greatness! And side note, I have REALLY been getting into podcasts lately so if you need any recommendations let me know.
  2. My fellow dietitian friend, Cindy, and I are kicking off the National Nutrition Month Challenge this week. Did you see her guest post yesterday and are you joining in? If not, you SHOULD be! We are giving away a $25 gift card to Whole Foods this week. Plus, photo challenges on Instagram are so much fun. Our goal is to promote a healthy, positive lifestyle with no restriction necessary! No don’ts… just do’s. Just the way we like it. Use the #NNMChallenge on Instagram if you are participating. It’s all in good fun and you won’t want to miss. Holla!

That’s it for the wedding catch up. How was your week? Name one of your favorite things you did this past week?

Wedding Series: 11 Weeks to Go!

Wedding Series 4

No video blog today, friends. Just words. I’m having an “insecure” moment and need a break from putting myself out there in the video world. No worries, “this too shall pass.” We all get there at times and it’s okay.

I have 11 weeks to go until I say I do! I had an absolute blast this past weekend with my soul sisters and best friends, the maid and matron of honor. They are blood sisters that I have known since the age of 2. It’s super cool to have two friends that I have been through every milestone with. I only have brothers so these girls hold a special sisterly bond in my heart! Okay, enough sap…  how fun is this?! We had a slumber party Saturday night for old time’s sake.  A girl is NEVER too old for a slumber party!

A few wedding details we decided on….

  1. Bridesmaids dresses! They fit and look beautiful so I have officially ordered them. I went with the convertible dresses from The Jersey Maid in purple.  They look good on all shapes and sizes! And the best part? Each bridesmaid gets to decide which style to go with (i.e. strapless, sleeves, halter, etc.).
  2. Couple’s shower! Matt and I were not sure if we wanted a shower or not. We are really set on having our registry be for charity. In fact, we had Dog and Kitty City (a no kill shelter in Dallas) register for items they need on Amazon. That will be our main registry/charity! I did, however, agree to have a “patio” shower on a patio. We will register for a few outdoor patio items AND still give the option to donate off our charity registry. The girls said I have to wear a yellow dress for this shower so I am a little giddy about shopping for a new yellow dress. I love having someone tell me ideas on what to wear. Feels like I have a stylist!
  3. Bachelorette party! It’ll be at the end of April in Ft.Worth. I love Ft.Worth’s downtown so much more than Dallas’ downtown. I may even bust out my Cowboy boots! No penis straws or blow up dolls for this bride… we are keepin’ it classy because my mom and her two friends will be there too (at my request). They are SO fun!! And my two high school buddies are helping coordinate it with the sisters. They are going to be a part of the wedding party as well, greeting guests as they arrive at the wedding.

An update on my health goals… sugar is so stinkin’ hard to reduce! My mind is starting to think of the sugar reduction as a diet and when I diet, no good things happen. I rebel. You follow? So, I am not focusing on any health goals this week in terms of nutrition. I am still not having much caffeine and will continue this, as it is now officially a habit. I don’t miss it! My fitness goals… I went so hardcore with Insanity Max 30 that I got tired near the end of the week and was NOT UP FOR IT AT ALL. I went back to walking and yoga. This week I am looking into an Insanity Max 30 and PIYO hybrid to try out for a bit. Will also continue with yoga.  You guys…. I am falling more and more in love with yoga!!! I want to find a local yoga studio to belong to. Luckily, I have a membership to Classpass so will try out a few studios before choosing one officially. Very excited about it!!

How was your week? And honestly, friends.. is the video blog from the past 3 weeks fun or boring?!? I can take it away, keep as is, or try to improve and make it better. I am thinking they need to be under 5 minutes IF I keep them. Any constructive feedback you have, I am all ears. Like I said, having an insecure moment with the video stuff. 🙂

Wedding Series Vlog: 12 Weeks!

Wedding Series 3


I am very excited about this post. Lots to cover and I am still on cloud nine from this past weekend. I got to talk about the fun planning details with two of MK’s sisters. Decor is going to look AWESOME! We are going with a rustic type of theme. So, without further ado… here is the Wedding Series Vlog. Or you can skip on over it if you don’t want to watch the vid and just want to read the blog.

To summarize the vlog, I have a lot of the little things picked out for the wedding and have started a Pinterest board titled May 9, 2015. If that’s your thang (like me.. what did we ever do without Pinterest?!) you can click here to be taken straight to the board.

I also have the DJ picked out and MK is already working on his “must play” list. If I haven’t mentioned it before, MK is a musician so obviously there are songs he definitely wants to be played on the big day. My list would consist of Michael Jackson songs (Man in the Mirror, anyone?) and Motown hits. “Sugar pie honey bunch…. you know that I love you…. Can’t help myself…” Hell yeah!

In the vlog, I mentioned that I would show some pics of my favorite meals this past week. I am a simple eater so keep that in mind. Mainly because I am a simple cook. But, we all know I love simple things so it works!

Meals 2.16.14

For breakfast, I love a protein pancake with sunflower butter on top. I use Perfect Fit protein and they have a recipe for their protein pancake on the package. It’s delish and a breakfast that I look forward to over and over (especially when I work from home).

For lunch, I often have leftovers. My favorite leftover from this past week was Applewood smoked chicken. MK got a smoker less than a year ago so we are taking advantage of it when the weather is nice. The weather went back down to poo today, but it was beautiful last week.

For supper, I vary it up. I try to cook most nights and then leave weekend nights for eating out. I love Harvest Vegetable Chowder soup and never get sick of it. It’s a crockpot recipe that my mom gave me and has been my favorite soup since I was in high school. I like a good crunch so eat it with my current favorite crackers, Melba toast.

Most days I have at least one snack and this snack is usually a piece of fruit, nut mix, or yogurt. I am not a perfect eater by any means so please do not look at the above and think, “Holy cow, I need to eat less or eat more or eat better.” No judgment is allowed here! I always use the term “most days” because I have my days where I eat on a weird schedule, eat a little more or less, savor treats, etc. I show some of my simple meals to hopefully give ideas for the typical busy person!

The number 4 above is my favorite meal… it was my Valentine’s lunch. If I don’t eat a protein pancake with sunflower butter for breakfast I may eat a sunflower toast with honey for lunch. And one thing you will know about me if you do not know already is that I FREAKIN LOVE SWEET POTATOES!!!!!!! So, yes, I do eat those regularly.

I said I would give a couple favorite moves for working the sides of the abs or muffin top area. You will LOVE pretzel! You’re welcome. Let’s all challenge ourselves to do pretzel at least 3 times this week? Sound good?

There are so many variations but the above video will help get you started if you have never been to a Pure Barre (or other barre) class. My other favorite?? Side planks. I know you know how to do these. Get into those side planks and dip the hips a few inches & then come back up. Agghhhh I love it.

We covered a lot in this post, but the most important thing I have to say is…. HAVE A FABULOUS WEEK dear friends!!!!

Wedding Series Vlog: 13 Weeks!

Wedding Series

 Wedding series vlog time. I have 13 weeks to go! Below is the vlog to kick off this week and then below is my summary of it for those of you who would rather read versus watch. I get you both!


First things first, how did I do on last week’s goals?

  1. No sugar. Wasn’t too hard for me during the week, but snack attack hit Saturday evening and I had a sweet tooth so indulged in some Dark Chocolate Truffle Hershey Kisses. Yum! I decided to revamp this goal a tad… after I hit my “sweet” spot, pun intended, I think having 1 sweet per week during this Wedding Series will be JUST FINE! More than fine, actually. You know I don’t like strict do’s and don’ts with nutrition.
  2. No caffeine. Killed it! Decaf coffee and tea is just fine for this lady. I will keep this up. Granted, I did have a withdrawal headache the first two days, but after that felt good. I love that I can now be fully aware of my energy levels. With too much caffeine, I couldn’t tell if I had artificial energy or really was tired and could use a nap. I think it is important to check in with your body and honor what it needs so I will be keeping the no caffeine kick up!
  3. Physical activity daily. This rocked. I did yoga daily and am continuing the 30 Day Yoga Challenge on the Yoga with Adriene youtube channel. I’m on Day 9! I also walked outdoors most days. I incorporated two days of Insanity Max 30. I needed the intensity to burn off some energy and stress during the week. I will up the Insanity Max 30 for this next week.

One other thing I realized this past week is that it is so easily to eat differently on the weekends. Anyone else? I stay up later on Friday and Saturday so often get hungry after dinner and before bed. During the week I don’t really like to eat anything huge before bed because it affects my sleep. But, this past Friday, I was hungry once we got home around midnight.. had a breakfast sandwich from Jack In the Box. When I woke up, I was not hungry for breakfast so skipped breakfast. Then, had a huge snack attack in the middle of the day. It’s a chain effect. I don’t mind doing this every so often, but a better strategy so that I am still hungry for breakfast is to have something small in place of that heavy sandwich after dinner. Perhaps warm milk, a decaf latte, or even a little yogurt.

New goals to kick off this week based off the above:

  1. Have 1 sweet treat per week on Saturdays.
  2. Replace caffeinated drinks with decaf coffee and tea.
  3. Daily yoga coupled with at least 3-4 days of Insanity Max 30. Other days walking outdoors (or both). #200ByWedding
  4. Replace weekend after dinner meal/snack with warm milk.

I got a request to show pictures of a few of my meals so I will be doing that this week and posting for next time. I will also share a few of my favorite toning exercises. Stay tuned! Oh and I will be throwing in some of the planning process for fun… this past weekend we met with our officate. He was AWESOME and I am so excited to have him marry us. MK really liked him too. We are looking for something unique to do in place of a unity candle. Any ideas?

If you missed last week, click here for the blog post and recap.

Much love to ya!