Six:02 6K in November!

I am not running these days. At all. I have no interest, especially in this Texas heat. But, I do always look forward to a 6K in Dallas in November because it is the most amazing fun run I have ever participated in. Yes, I am talking about the Six:02 It’s Your Time 6K run.

I plan to do it again this year and hopefully bring some work buddies with me. Two of my co-workers joined last year, as well as my husband. It’s definitely more of a female run so I think my hubby will stay home this year. The finish line gift was a necklace and the race shirt was a hot pink tight-fitted girl shirt. Hah! I laughed when he got his package and felt like, “Oops, sorry I signed you up for this babe. But, thank you for doing it with me anyway!” He was a good sport FOR SURE!

So this year’s race is on November 14th and if you live in or around Dallas I highly recommend it. No, I am not paid to say that. I just like this one SO MUCH because it is extremely female friendly, not uber competitive, and Six:02 spoils us after the race. Seriously I think we got a free massage or pedicure last year. And hot chocolate. It was a bit cold that day! And, as if it could get any better… the Charity partner for the race is The Family Place. Love supporting a good cause!

If you don’t currently run like me, don’t fret. We can be walking buddies or “walk-ish” buddies like me and my co-worker call ourselves. Walk-ish is when you jog part of it and walk part of it.

I am so excited!!!! Not only for this race, but also for the cooler weather. YES, PLEASE!

What are you looking forward to this fall?

Simple Ways to Healthify your Vacation!

5 Healthy Travel Tips!

Who is going on a summer vacation? Or who has already been on one? Whether you are going somewhere this summer or not, you are bound to go on a trip at some point. And today’s Fit Dish link up is all about healthifying your vacation. Thanks to Jill and Jessica for hosting!

Now, let me be honest here…. I am not a strict exerciser on vacation. Why? Well, because 1) exercise is NOT what my vacations are about and 2) I would rather be taking in the sights and sounds around me with the people I love. Not everyone I love and travel with exercise. Ya know?

But, I do have some simple ways to stay relatively active and not overly indulge. That is more important to me than working out in the hotel gym or sticking with salads during my whole trip. Bah hum-bug!

So what are these two simple tips you speak of, Bri? Glad you asked dear friend.

  1. I get at least 10,000 steps and don’t sweat the rest. One of my favorite things to do in a new city or town is walk around. Walking is staying active and you can be amazed at how many steps you’ll get staying curious, exploring the beautiful place you are in. Actually, I think the most steps I have gotten in a day was when my husband and I went to Nashville, Tennessee. We walked around the downtown area for quite some time so even if he didn’t realize how active he was being, he got over 20,000 steps. Haha.. how is that for being active AND hanging out with ones you love AND seeing the sights? Just call me the step wizard!
  2. I try foods that really look delicious and don’t sweat the rest. On vacations, food is a secondary focus and not really a primary. Well, I guess it can be reversed for some (like chefs and foodies), but I 100% love seeing new places over focusing on food. And this helps to healthify a trip a bit. When you don’t focus too much on food, you eat 2 or 3 meals a day and only snack when hunger strikes. You still taste delicious food, but you aren’t participating in a gluttonous affair. Eat what you really want. Drink what you really want. And when your done, be done. No need to clean your plate unless you really are that hungry.

Did you pick up on the fact that I used “don’t sweat the rest” twice up there? Yeah, that’s because a vacation is supposed to be stress-relieving! If anything you are doing is adding stress, stay away. And that includes trying to be a stickler with your marathon training plan or 6 week cleanse while on vacation. No sir. Stress keeps that waistline thick too, ya know.

So what would be your top tip to healthify a vacation if even just a little bit?

I actually wrote a blog post for Nature’s Bakery not too long ago about vacations and ways to stay healthy. You can read that here if it interests you. It’s geared towards keeping you from getting sick on your trip so you have more time to smile and frolick to and fro!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

My Current Triple Threat

Triple Threat

What movement is YOUR movement? Or let me rephrase.. what MOVES you? What activities currently encourage you to move those cute little feet of yours? I currently have three and consider them my triple threat.

We will get to my triple threat in a second, but first let me tell you why knowing your answers to the questions above is important…

  1. Just like we have four seasons of the year, we can have seasons of activities. Or simply put, you may not ALWAYS enjoy the same activity year-round.
  2. Doing the same workout day in and day out is not only ineffective, but BORING. Yawnnnnnn.
  3. Knowing what moves you will keep you moving. It is THAT simple. You CAN get to the point where you are looking forward to movement most days.

My current triple threat happens to be… Yoga, PIYO, and walking outside. That last one may change quicker than the other two as the temperatures start to fall lower and lower. This lady loves being WARM! But, as it stands currently, I love to start the morning with a little yoga (even 10-20 minutes can have huge benefits if done regularly). It gets me in the right frame of mind to have a kick-ass day. And that, I like… and will always welcome. Second, I tend to do a PIYO workout over my lunch break, in the evening, or right after yoga if I have time. I am flexible with this one. Third, walking happens whenever I need a break. I love getting outside so will often take a 20 minute break during the workday to get outside or walk a little longer after work before dinner.

What I love about my triple threat (and will keep in mind when I switch some things up for a new triple threat in the future) is that I incorporate all 3 important components of fitness. 1) Cardiovascular exercise, 2) Strength, and 3) Flexibility. All 3 are so important and we often skip out on one or two. When choosing your workouts, keep those components in mind.

I love varying my workouts. I tend to change things up a bit at least every quarter, but sometimes more often. I keep my body guessing and this can be a beautiful thing. The body does not need to get used to your workout. But, it should love the movement you are gifting it regularly!

So now tell me, do you have your own version of a triple threat? Do you know what MOVES you?

Counting your Steps

I love step counters! In fact, I purchased a Fit Bit about 3 or 4 months ago and wonder why it took me so long to get one.

I love it because…

  • I stay motivated to move more. Have you ever noticed how sedentary you can be? I have desk job by day so even though I love my morning workouts, I used the Fit Bit for a few days when I first got it simply to test my movement level. I got 4,000 and 5,000 steps on those days. Crazy! Now, I take more movement breaks throughout the day and go for quick walks so I easily get at least 8,000 steps per day.
  • I release perfectionist tendencies to “workout” every day. Granted, everyone works differently. While I struggle with over-doing the workouts at times, some struggle with getting in any type of workout at all. Counting steps can be a motivator for both types of people. For me, it allows my mind to relax on days I missed a formal workout or just don’t have time (or the desire) to fit one in. I aim for 10,000 steps instead. For the ones who struggle with getting in any type of workout at all, the step counter can be a motivator to move at several shorter periods of time throughout the day and at least get more active than you already are.
  • It feeds my competitive side. If I look down at the Fit Bit around noon and I only have 1,000 or 2,000 steps, I put on my A game. Again, I am no perfectionist so there are even days I don’t care about my steps, but I find those days few and far in between. I love competing against myself to get in more movement! Plus, I know I feel best when I am active.

And because I am trying to add videos to the blog, I do have a video on this one. I am calling my Tuesday videos, “Quick Tip Tuesdays.” If your attention span is anything like mine, you will like how short and sweet my videos are. I keep them to under 2 minutes as a rule.

Do you already count your steps? If so, what fitness tool do you use?