Fit, Fab, & Fuel Holiday Swap

I participated in the fit, fab, & fuel holiday swap this year. I had so much fun with it! I will definitely be participating again next year. Thanks to Running with SD Mom and Naturally Fit Sisters for hosting!

How it worked is that I was partnered up with another blogger. We then swapped a fab ornament and some winter FITness FUEL. I was partnered with Farrah over at Fairyburger. We had to send our packages by December 8th so that we would get all of our treats in time for Christmas and the link up today.

My top 3 delights from this fit, fab, & fuel holiday swap include:

  1. Getting to pick out the goods for Farrah. I was so excited to put together the FITness FUEL. I had so many ideas and products that I wanted to put into her care package, but the box would not have been big enough. So, I had to scale back a bit, but I settled on some of my faves. And ornaments are always fun to shop for too, I must say.
  2. Getting to know a fellow fitness blogger. I loved getting to connect with Farrah and I love her blog. I am really excited to follow along from here on out. As part of the swap, I am also supposed to mention 5 random (and awesome!) things about my partner. My partner…
    1. Is currently in medical school.
    2. Has been in a power lifting competition before.
    3. Plays the piano.
    4. Is named after Farrah Fawcett.
    5. Has a really cute cat named Ninja.
  3. Receiving my FITness FUEL in the mail. It made my day! I loved getting all my goods- thank you Farrah! We both clearly have a love for hot beverages. I can’t wait to try all of my tea and hot cocoa.

And now for the pictures…

fit, fab, & fuel swap

All of my new goods from the Fit, Fab, & Fuel Swap!



My new ornament. Haven’t decided what pictures to put into it yet.



An assortment of tea. I am THE biggest tea fan! How did she know!?! 🙂


skinny girl

I have never tried these before so am excited to try them out.



These are absolutely delicious! I think I like these better than chips.


hot cocoa

I always hear how tasty hot cocoa is from Starbucks. I surprisingly haven’t had it yet. MK and I will be having a tasty cup of cocoa to a Christmas movie ASAP!