Active Living Challenge has Ended


The active living challenge on twitter and Instagram has ended. I am kinda sad. It helped me savor different moments through pictures and really think about how important active living really is to me and why.

My last few pictures were super fun so I am going to share them on the blog. The first picture above was in answer to my “favorite part of active living.” I love that through active living you can meet so many like-minded people. I work with ladies that love to workout so we literally exercise together during our lunch breaks when we are all in the office. I have also connected through the blogosphere with other fitness/health bloggers. And of course, even walk and talks with family and friends are kick butt. I connect with someone so much better on a walk than I do in front of a buffet line. Seriously!

Below is my 2nd pic of a motivational quote. I am totally digging it right now! We always have room to learn and grow.



My third pic is in answer to the question, “How do you get more out of each day.” I press pause and savor each moment that I am in. I think less and live more. It’s so important to remember this, because it can be so easy to get caught up in the rat race and focus on less important things.



My fourth picture is my career goal. The bubble in the picture says it all. I know one of my career purposes is to help others get and stay healthy.



My fifth picture is something I am looking forward to in the near future. I am literally looking forward to giving these two a hug in Colorado. They have been there since June and I miss them like crazy! I am also looking forward to some hiking adventures with them while I am there visiting.



My sixth picture is a picture of my short term goal. I kept it SMART! 😉 I have been saving up this year to get yoga certified and hope to make the dream a reality sometime next year. I am already Piyo certified and teach Pure Barre, but I have always wanted to get yoga certified. It is more intense (and therefore also more expensive), but I am really excited about it.


My seventh picture is one of my favorite snacks these days. I like to eat Plain Greek yogurt with cacao powder, a tad of dark chocolate chips and chopped walnuts, plus 1/2 a sliced banana. Yum!


My last picture is one of my favorite pieces from Lorna Jane. I am in love with almost all of Lorna Jane’s inspirational tanks, but lately I have loved seeing this jacket. Anything that reminds me of the beach is good in my book. The palm trees make me smile!



Lorna Jane promotes active living. I love what the brand stands for. I did not get paid for this post nor was it mandatory for me to write this post. I just wanted to provide a weekly update on the Active Living Challenge. To find out more about active living through Lorna Jane, visit MoveNourishBelieve or LornaJane.

Motivation to Move


I am still participating in the Active Living Challenge on Instagram and Twitter. This challenge has reminded me of what motivates me to move. Motivation is key when it comes to active living!

What motivates me? Many things. But most of the time, I still need a little help to get moving. However, when I see the sun shining, 60 to 80 degree temps, and a chance to connect with nature… I jump head in! It’s a natural motivator for me. I love the way a good walk or run feels outside.

I live in Texas so realistically it is not always between 60 and 80 degrees. What do I do when I do not have my natural motivator? I give myself 20 minutes. I can do anything for 20 minutes.. can’t you?! I tell myself I am going to do this workout DVD or roll out the mat for yoga for 20 minutes and THEN decide if I want to keep going. Most of the time I do. Wanna know why? Because movement makes us feel good. It makes us feel bad ass. And that, keeps me motivated to move even more. I love that feeling!

In addition to sharing a little motivation to move, I want to also share the other pics I posted for the Active Living Challenge this past week.. this first one is my favorite place to relax. It happens to be my office. I call it my “zen” room because I can transform it easily by dimming the lights, rolling out the mat, lighting a candle, and playing some tunes.


My second pic is a post-workout selfie. I am in love with Piyo these days and am actually getting certified this Sunday. This was after doing Piyo. It’s a tad blurry.. I hate taking selfies and am quite frankly not good at it! They didn’t teach me that in grade school. 😉


My third pic is of my favorite way to workout with others. I grew up skiing and it is my favorite workout to do with friends and family. My day-to-day workouts are usually solo (I prefer it that way), but there is something about skiing with others. You all get to take in the scenery together and have an adventure! I love it.


My fourth picture is something (or someone in my case) that I am grateful for. I am grateful for my mother. She is a remarkable human being and I am blessed to know her. I really miss her right now too. She is in Colorado for an extended period of time.. and really, I can’t blame her. I would be there too if I could.


My fifth picture is a picture of my favorite super food. You may have seen this picture already on my Monday post. I got really excited about berries after taking this picture that I felt compelled to write more. What can I say, I love berries!



My sixth picture is the first time I tried coconut water straight from a coconut. All I can say is, I learned of my love for coconuts in St. Lucia. And the love grew even deeper in Hawaii. Bring on the coconuts!!!



My last picture is a two for one. It symbolizes the way I make active living a daily thing. I roll out my mat, lace up my running shoes for a run, or put on my cross trainers for a workout dvd or walk. The second part of the pic is the fact I chose to create an F. This F stands for fun, fitness, fuel, and FEEL GOOD! My requirements for movement. Movement should be fun (at least to some degree), help me increase my fitness, provide me fuel for my day (in addition to healthy foods), and help me feel good.


Lorna Jane promotes active living. I love what the brand stands for. I did not get paid for this post nor was it mandatory for me to write this post. I just wanted to provide a weekly update on the Active Living Challenge. To find out more about active living through Lorna Jane, visit MoveNourishBelieve or LornaJane.

Active Living Challenge



What is your favorite form of social media? Mine is 100% Instagram right now. I love it! If you are on Instagram, follow me and I will follow you back. I have a “follow back” policy here at Simple Delights and love supporting others.

So now you know I love Instagram. Well, I am also in love with this new fitness brand, Lorna Jane. I am a Sweat Pink ambassador with Fit Approach so when I saw the Active Living Challenge for this month, I had to hop on the wagon. Both Lorna Jane and Fit Approach post the photo challenge of the day and everyone participating tags Lorna Jane and Fit Approach, while using #ActiveLivingChallenge.

I love it. It is allowing me to take more pictures of things that make me happy and share those with others! Active living is definitely a lifestyle I live, love, and promote.

My first picture was of my favorite summer move. I am loving side planks these days. Along with regular planks, they work the core and even get deep into the obliques. I love working my abs, especially during swimsuit season. I am not in my swimsuit all that often (that’d be a different story if I had a beach anywhere near me), but I still love a strong and beautiful core.



My second pic was of a healthy, delicious recipe. I altered this recipe slightly from PBFingers (mostly because I didn’t have green onions or cumin). And by the way, I LOVE that blog. Highly recommend it if you need/want new blogs to follow.



My third pic was the one up top. What active living means to me. I love to be healthy so that I can spend more time with loved ones going on our own adventures, whether at home or somewhere spectacular. Life should be enjoyed… every minute of it!

Lorna Jane promotes active living. I love what the brand stands for. I did not get paid for this post nor was it mandatory for me to write this post. I just wanted to. To find out more about active living through Lorna Jane, visit