150 miles by Summer!


Who is with me? Ready to take on this Bikini Series Challenge and be bikini ready by summer?

This will be my second Tone It Up Challenge. I really enjoy their challenges, because they are 1) FREE and 2) FUN. Two F words that everyone loves. You can find out more about the challenge on their website (which I linked to above for your easy click & go.. aren’t I sweet?!) and then I will blog about my journey throughout the challenge. Please let me know if you are taking on the challenge too.

My cardio of choice for the 150 miles over the next 8 weeks will mainly be Insanity. I am a lover of HIIT training! Since you really should only do HIIT’s a max of 4 times per week, I will also incorporate running or walking into the mix. And of course, booty shaking when I get the chance. I do love to dance!

How many miles will one Insanity video count for? I am so glad you asked. My 40 minute videos will count for 4 miles. So, to keep it simple… 10 minutes=1 mile for the vids.

On top of the 150 miles, the Bikini Series consists of other challenges as well. Toning workouts are posted on the weekly schedule for the challenge so I will do those during my lunch break or after work (whenever I can fit it in).

What about nutrition? Well, nutrition is VERY important. I already eat pretty healthy, but during this series I am going to try NEW fruits and vegetables. Expand my horizons a bit. And, lately, I have had a bad habit of over-snacking on crap at night in front of the TV. I am going to replace that bad habit with a bowl of frozen fruit and a calorie-free hot beverage (like tea or water with lemon). Not going to get rid of my TV watching, though. Too many good shows on these days. Bates Motel or Blacklist, anyone?

And didn’t I mention FUN? Yes, yes I did. Thanks for reminding me. While I find working out and living a healthy lifestyle EXTREMELY fun, I know that not everyone does. So what I also like about this Bikini Series is that the ladies of Tone It Up throw in some other to do’s into the mix, like making a vision board, creating a summer fun list, etc. Summer is meant to be enjoyable so heck, ENJOY it! Every moment of it… and that, I will.