Bri’s Summer Fun List!


Many of you have heard me rave about Tone It Up before. I LOVE these girls and all that they stand for. They have built a lovely community of supportive women who enjoy working out and living a healthy lifestyle. If I could use one word to describe Tone It Up, it would be FUN! They make health fun and y’all know I am all about fun.

So anyway, a bikini series challenge is about to start (3 days left to sign up for free, in fact). To kick it off, Tone It Up blogged about creating your own summer, which includes making a fun to-do list for summer. I decided to join in and share with all of you…

Bri’s Summer FUN List:

  • Take a Beach Trip– I have a trip to Hawaii booked so already have this covered. Can’t wait for it to get here! I get to see my cousin and her 3 year old too. My heart is ecstatic!
  • Attend a Music Festival– MK and I just bought tickets to Bonnaroo. Our new goal is to attend at least one music festival per year.
  • Try Yoga on a Beach– I am going to find a class in Hawaii or just do some poses myself. Either way, I have ALWAYS wanted to try this. I love yoga and for some reason I think I will love it ten times more on the beach. Wave sounds, anyone?
  • Take a Surf Lesson– I don’t need to master surfing, but I want to take a lesson. A little nervous about this, but I am always up for a challenge.
  • Attend a Concert by the Lake– I live fairly close to the Harbor (a retail development by a lake). They have a concert by the lake series every summer, but I have not been since 2008. I am missing out! But, this year that changes.
  • Enjoy a Party– My mom is retiring this summer so we are having a party for her. It will be a blast, no doubt. I may also have a 30th bday party- not sure yet.
  • Glow Like the Sun– No, I do not mean tan all day and get skin cancer, but I do want to glow all summer long by keeping up with my healthy lifestyle and perhaps using a sunless tanner/bronzer when I need it. I think happy people naturally glow too so plan to do more activities that make me smile! 😉
  • Make My Own Root Beer– I read a blog recently about someone doing this and I kept thinking it would be super cool to try. I may not be Betty Crocker, but perhaps I can make a mean batch of Root Beer. The jury is out.
  • Host a Girl’s Day Out– I love my friends (mom included). I sooooo want to plan a fun girl’s day this summer. Not sure what we would do or where we would go yet, but all I know is it will be fun.
  • See Fireworks– I am pretty much betting on this for 4th of July.
  • Play Sand Volleyball– Anyone in?! Thinking I can get at least one game in this summer… maybe more if I find a group of people interested.
  • Go on a Picnic– My cousin said that her and her 3 year old do this regularly so I have to say I am REALLY looking forward to a picnic in Hawaii.
  • Read a Good Thriller– Maybe a book for the plane ride? I love suspenseful books and have a few that my dad loaned me. Definitely want to read one or a few this summer.
  • Dance in the Rain– I love rain and I love to dance.. put them both together and you get a rain dance. Heck to the yeah!

What would be on your summer fun list?