Wedding Series Vlog: 12 Weeks!

Wedding Series 3


I am very excited about this post. Lots to cover and I am still on cloud nine from this past weekend. I got to talk about the fun planning details with two of MK’s sisters. Decor is going to look AWESOME! We are going with a rustic type of theme. So, without further ado… here is the Wedding Series Vlog. Or you can skip on over it if you don’t want to watch the vid and just want to read the blog.

To summarize the vlog, I have a lot of the little things picked out for the wedding and have started a Pinterest board titled May 9, 2015. If that’s your thang (like me.. what did we ever do without Pinterest?!) you can click here to be taken straight to the board.

I also have the DJ picked out and MK is already working on his “must play” list. If I haven’t mentioned it before, MK is a musician so obviously there are songs he definitely wants to be played on the big day. My list would consist of Michael Jackson songs (Man in the Mirror, anyone?) and Motown hits. “Sugar pie honey bunch…. you know that I love you…. Can’t help myself…” Hell yeah!

In the vlog, I mentioned that I would show some pics of my favorite meals this past week. I am a simple eater so keep that in mind. Mainly because I am a simple cook. But, we all know I love simple things so it works!

Meals 2.16.14

For breakfast, I love a protein pancake with sunflower butter on top. I use Perfect Fit protein and they have a recipe for their protein pancake on the package. It’s delish and a breakfast that I look forward to over and over (especially when I work from home).

For lunch, I often have leftovers. My favorite leftover from this past week was Applewood smoked chicken. MK got a smoker less than a year ago so we are taking advantage of it when the weather is nice. The weather went back down to poo today, but it was beautiful last week.

For supper, I vary it up. I try to cook most nights and then leave weekend nights for eating out. I love Harvest Vegetable Chowder soup and never get sick of it. It’s a crockpot recipe that my mom gave me and has been my favorite soup since I was in high school. I like a good crunch so eat it with my current favorite crackers, Melba toast.

Most days I have at least one snack and this snack is usually a piece of fruit, nut mix, or yogurt. I am not a perfect eater by any means so please do not look at the above and think, “Holy cow, I need to eat less or eat more or eat better.” No judgment is allowed here! I always use the term “most days” because I have my days where I eat on a weird schedule, eat a little more or less, savor treats, etc. I show some of my simple meals to hopefully give ideas for the typical busy person!

The number 4 above is my favorite meal… it was my Valentine’s lunch. If I don’t eat a protein pancake with sunflower butter for breakfast I may eat a sunflower toast with honey for lunch. And one thing you will know about me if you do not know already is that I FREAKIN LOVE SWEET POTATOES!!!!!!! So, yes, I do eat those regularly.

I said I would give a couple favorite moves for working the sides of the abs or muffin top area. You will LOVE pretzel! You’re welcome. Let’s all challenge ourselves to do pretzel at least 3 times this week? Sound good?

There are so many variations but the above video will help get you started if you have never been to a Pure Barre (or other barre) class. My other favorite?? Side planks. I know you know how to do these. Get into those side planks and dip the hips a few inches & then come back up. Agghhhh I love it.

We covered a lot in this post, but the most important thing I have to say is…. HAVE A FABULOUS WEEK dear friends!!!!

WTEW: The Good Bean


I am always looking for food products that stand out at the grocery store. I was shopping at Target the other day and The Good Bean caught my eye. I know these are not new, but I believe they are new for Target because I am at Target at least once per week. Only mildly obsessed with that store!

There were at least 5 different flavors, but I went with the Sweet Cinnamon. Big surprise! If you said tofu had cinnamon on it, I would probably try it. And hope to like it because I have never liked any tofu I have tried. But, that’s another story and another day.

You guysssssssssss (to be said like my Midwestern cousins)… if you like crunchy and munchy things, you will like these. They are roasted chickpeas of all things. Good for most people with allergies too as they are gluten free, nut free, soy free, and vegan. I had these plain, but the package says to sprinkle onto yogurt, which I think is a fabulous idea. I will have to try that the next time I am ready to snack on my Dreaming Cow yogurt.

These were inexpensive- I think around $2 if I am not mistaken. But, if you are really saving pennies, I am certain you could roast chickpeas yourself and spice them up however you like. If this sounds like you, check this recipe out: Crispy Roasted Chickpeas.

Since I am big on ingredients in packaged foods, I am sharing with you the nutrition facts label. These babies have less about 8 ingredients, but I can pronounce them all and know what each of them are. Check it out…

The Good Bean nutrition facts

The Good Bean nutrition facts

Have you tried anything from The Good Bean yet?

Eat well, friends!

WTEW: TV Time Snacks

TV Time Snacks

Who said you can’t have a lil’ snack while watching TV? Not this girl. In fact, I welcome it at times.

I am one of those people that cannot live by strict nutrition rules. For one, nothing is fun about the word “strict”. For two, rules are meant to be broken. Am I right?!

So put away your strict nutrition rules. You ain’t got time for that. I know certain fitness and nutrition guru’s tell you never to eat in front of the TV, but you don’t have to listen. They aren’t the food police.

Instead, if you are hungry and WANT to savor a snack in front of the TV, do so. I have some healthy, wholesome snack ideas for TV Time. But, if you decide to have a different snack… no worries. Honor your hunger and listen to your body, sista!

My boyfriend and I keep a fridge upstairs in our game room. We watch most of our TV up there so it is nice to have extra beverages and snacks up there. However, before two weeks ago my boyfriend was NOT interested in healthy eating. Or not much, anyways. But, now he is and he has actually been influential on changing the snacks we keep upstairs. The fridge used to have loads of processed chips, cookies, and candy on top of it. Only beverages were kept inside. We have since switched things around and I must say, I love it. I love that we are both eating more fruits and vegetables. We are honoring our bodies with wholesome foods… and what is more kick ass than that in regards to nutrition?! Not much, I’d say.

So, without further ado… I give you my TV Time snacks.

  1. Mixed Fruit. I buy a bunch of different fruit and cut it up on Sundays when I don’t have too much going on. When fruit is easier to grab, you will eat more of it. Plus, aren’t the colors beautiful?!fruit
  2. Tillamoos Cheese Rectangles. I am not a huge fan of cheese so I don’t eat these much, but Matt loves the heck out of them. They are easy to grab and have some protein.tillamoos
  3. Salad. A bag of salad, plastic bowls, easy-to-pour dressing, and a handful of plastic forks will inspire you to eat more veggies. Trust me, it works. Matt even thought of this one! salad
  4. No calorie beverages. I choose La Croix. They have SO many flavors now. I know some people don’t do carbonated water, but if you do try different flavors. At the moment, my top three favorites are coconut, mango, and passion croix

What would you add to this list?!

WTEW: Guilt Free Snacks

I was on a plane and in an airport twice over this past weekend so had plenty of time to catch up on magazines I had piling up. One of the magazines, Everyday with Rachel Ray, had this awesome book of “guilt-free snacks.” I liked several of them, but will share 5 of my favorites with you today. They are ALL super easy to prepare!

  1. Cinnamon maple seed clusters. Here’s a little health tip: when buying maple syrup, look for 100% pure maple syrup as the only ingredient. No additives needed. I also tend to look for ones made in Vermont or somewhere near there. They know how to do maple syrup!clusters
  2. Gauc Cup. Avocados have loads of healthy fats and did you know that they are good for the skin? Eat up! This snack includes a handful of tortilla chips, but you could also substitute the chips for carrots, pita chips, or anything else you like to dip!guac
  3. Moroccan Nut Mix. Nuts are by far my favorite snack and have been for awhile. I love the heck out of nuts and I don’t discriminate. I like ’em all! This is a great way to mix it up a bit though and add in a spice or two. Spices have health benefits too, ya know.nut mix
  4. Pear Pizzettes. I know I am not the majority here, but I am not the biggest fan of cheese. I do, however, love certain cheeses and blue cheese is one of them. I think I like it because a little goes a long way. I just need a crumble or two to taste the flavor. And pears? Oh, yum! Always a fan. Remember, when choosing an English muffin, look for 100% whole grain or 100% whole wheat. I actually look for Ezekial brand in the freezer or go for a freshly baked sourdough at a local market. pear
  5. Sweet & Spicy Popcorn. My mom told me she always craved popcorn when she was pregnant with me. I blame her for my popcorn love affair. I don’t ever get sick of popcorn so love finding ways to create a popcorn masterpiece out of plain popcorn. I typically stay away from microwave popcorn, because most have added ingredients I don’t think I need. I do, however, love some bagged varieties like Boom chicka pop. Next time I go to the store, I will buy plain and try this little potion with coconut palm sugar in place of brown sugar.popcorn

Which snack looks the most delicious to you? Happy snacking!

What to Eat Wednesday: Way Better Snacks

Way Better Snacks

New product alert! Or, new product for me alert. I was at Target and was hoping to find a healthy treat that I could dip in guacamole. I love me some guacamole these days and while I do like my carrots dipped in it, I was thinking of something a little more salty.. like tortilla chips, but not.  So, I found a good swap…

Way Better Snacks: Simply Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips. Check out these ingredients…

photo 3 (1)

And more importantly, they do NOT taste like cardboard. They are an excellent swap for tortilla chips in terms of taste. The serving size is small- 11 chips, but with these wholesome ingredients and possibly the addition of guacamole 11 is plenty!

When I went to the Way Better website I found a whole list of other snacks too. I would love to try some of these! They have other flavors of tortilla chips, crackers, and even pita chips. I will be on the look out the next time I am at Target, Whole Foods, or Central Market.

Why sprouted when it comes to certain grains? The sprouting process can increase the amount and bioavailability of some vitamins and minerals. I LOVE my Ezekial sprouted grains pita bread and prefer it to any type of regular bread. It is often hard to find bread these days without a whole laundry list of ingredients. Sprouted quinoa and chia seed are in these chips. Those two ingredients, even if they weren’t sprouted, are nutritional powerhouses!

Which Way Better Snacks are you excited to try?