Wedding Series Vlog: 12 Weeks!

Wedding Series 3


I am very excited about this post. Lots to cover and I am still on cloud nine from this past weekend. I got to talk about the fun planning details with two of MK’s sisters. Decor is going to look AWESOME! We are going with a rustic type of theme. So, without further ado… here is the Wedding Series Vlog. Or you can skip on over it if you don’t want to watch the vid and just want to read the blog.

To summarize the vlog, I have a lot of the little things picked out for the wedding and have started a Pinterest board titled May 9, 2015. If that’s your thang (like me.. what did we ever do without Pinterest?!) you can click here to be taken straight to the board.

I also have the DJ picked out and MK is already working on his “must play” list. If I haven’t mentioned it before, MK is a musician so obviously there are songs he definitely wants to be played on the big day. My list would consist of Michael Jackson songs (Man in the Mirror, anyone?) and Motown hits. “Sugar pie honey bunch…. you know that I love you…. Can’t help myself…” Hell yeah!

In the vlog, I mentioned that I would show some pics of my favorite meals this past week. I am a simple eater so keep that in mind. Mainly because I am a simple cook. But, we all know I love simple things so it works!

Meals 2.16.14

For breakfast, I love a protein pancake with sunflower butter on top. I use Perfect Fit protein and they have a recipe for their protein pancake on the package. It’s delish and a breakfast that I look forward to over and over (especially when I work from home).

For lunch, I often have leftovers. My favorite leftover from this past week was Applewood smoked chicken. MK got a smoker less than a year ago so we are taking advantage of it when the weather is nice. The weather went back down to poo today, but it was beautiful last week.

For supper, I vary it up. I try to cook most nights and then leave weekend nights for eating out. I love Harvest Vegetable Chowder soup and never get sick of it. It’s a crockpot recipe that my mom gave me and has been my favorite soup since I was in high school. I like a good crunch so eat it with my current favorite crackers, Melba toast.

Most days I have at least one snack and this snack is usually a piece of fruit, nut mix, or yogurt. I am not a perfect eater by any means so please do not look at the above and think, “Holy cow, I need to eat less or eat more or eat better.” No judgment is allowed here! I always use the term “most days” because I have my days where I eat on a weird schedule, eat a little more or less, savor treats, etc. I show some of my simple meals to hopefully give ideas for the typical busy person!

The number 4 above is my favorite meal… it was my Valentine’s lunch. If I don’t eat a protein pancake with sunflower butter for breakfast I may eat a sunflower toast with honey for lunch. And one thing you will know about me if you do not know already is that I FREAKIN LOVE SWEET POTATOES!!!!!!! So, yes, I do eat those regularly.

I said I would give a couple favorite moves for working the sides of the abs or muffin top area. You will LOVE pretzel! You’re welcome. Let’s all challenge ourselves to do pretzel at least 3 times this week? Sound good?

There are so many variations but the above video will help get you started if you have never been to a Pure Barre (or other barre) class. My other favorite?? Side planks. I know you know how to do these. Get into those side planks and dip the hips a few inches & then come back up. Agghhhh I love it.

We covered a lot in this post, but the most important thing I have to say is…. HAVE A FABULOUS WEEK dear friends!!!!

Simplifying Active Living


You know I love all things simple. It’s kinda why I HAD to include the word simple in my blog title. Simple just makes sense. It keeps things light, fun, fresh, and delightful! When things are the opposite (aka complicated), life is one big ball of goo. And I am not a huge fan of goo.

Since i clearly love the simple life, it is no wonder I also like things simple when it comes to active living. Having a healthy lifestyle is NOT complicated. There is no 500 word prescription for it. In fact, we get to create our own prescription. How freakishly awesome is that?!?!?!

In fact, writing my own active living prescription is how I have sustained the healthy lifestyle. It truly is a way of life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But, here is the thing. This prescription changes. And it changes often. That’s okay. Reading someone else’s book on how cutting out certain foods and doing loads of crossfit led to X amount of weight loss is not my cup of tea. I know my body and I know what moves me. I currently have a triple threat. You can read more about that in detail here, but the triple threat is yoga, PIYO, and walking outdoors. I look forward to these activities and thrive when I fit them in on a regular basis. Just a few months ago I was into running so that was in the mix somewhere. And even before that I liked Insanity DVD’s. I like to think I change with the seasons.

In terms of nutrition, I have done the restrictive thing in the past. I have followed someone else’s diet. More than once. And it always backfires. Diets create a disconnect with the mind and body. Diets create a negative relationship with food. I refuse to diet or be restrictive ever again. Sure, I can cut down on sweets every now and then because they cause a sugar rush or give me a headache, but I never remove them altogether. And I focus on how I feel. I don’t reduce them because someone told me to. I also refuse to follow the latest trend. Speaking of this, have you seen the gluten-free vid from Jimmy Kimmel? I laugh every time. Check it out.

 Back to active living, so here are my quick tips to keeping it simple AND sustainable for you:

  • Find what moves you. And do more of those activities. These activities will make up your fitness tool belt. And don’t be afraid to try new things. A new tool on that tool belt can lead to a whole lot of joy and opportunity!
  • Listen to your body when it comes to nutrition. If your stomach feels bloated every time you eat a certain food, that is a good sign it may not be for you in excess. Ditch the diet books and focus on MORE fruits and veggies, nature’s gift to all of us.
  • Motivate yourself on the regular. What motivates you? Keep that in the back of your mind always. And be your own cheerleader. It’s okay to kick ass and take a few names. You got this, girlllllll!
  • Love your body, every ounce of it. I know unhappy skinny people and unhappy chunky people. Your body can do some AWESOME things. Embrace that. If you don’t love yourself, being skinny ain’t gonna make you happy. Love yourself first. Then allow awesome to enter. Truly!
  • Learn to be okay with a little 50 shades of grey. No, not like that. Well, it can be if you want, but that’s for another blog post. 😉 What I mean here is that active living does not need to be black or white. It ain’t all or nothing, my friend. If you have an inactive day, you can be active the next day. Enjoy the middle ground and leave the perfection for sweet baby Jesus.
  • Embrace your support system and share the love. How good does it feel to be supported? Like really supported? Pretty darn good, right? Turn to those you love when you need them. And pump others up too. I love this quote and it is right on… thank you Mother Theresa, “Peace begins with a smile.” Smile a lot. And put a smile on someone else’s face too.

So there are my quick tips for keeping active living simple and sustainable. This post was part of the Fit Dish link up with Jessica Joy and Jill Conyers. Feel free to join in on the #fitfam action!

What is one way you make active living simple and something you look forward to on the regular?

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