Five on Friday



ONE: My letter to grandma this week. My grandma and I still write back and forth. She lives in Webster City, Iowa, so it is a great way to keep in touch. She doesn’t do email or facebook or any of the social media stuff. I don’t blame her either.. and thank goodness, because if she did I wouldn’t get to enjoy snail mail. It seriously rocks and makes me sad that it is slowly going away.

This week I surprised her with a couple of goodies I couldn’t resist. Wishing her a happy (grand)mother’s day next Sunday!


TWO: Usher and Michael Jackson pics on the IHeartRadio Music Awards last night. Did anyone else see that? It freakin’ rocked!


THREE: I cannot get enough Insanity these days. Is anyone else in love with the workout DVD’s? I am so over running for now and am on the Insanity bandwagon. I literally feel like I could kick someone’s butt afterwards. I hope my love affair with this workout sticks for awhile!


FOUR: I got a fitbit for $4 (had an Amazon gift card for the rest of it). So far, I am loving it. Have only used it for 3 days so have been observing my “steps”. Don’t think because you are into fitness and workout regularly that you get a lot of steps in. Holy cow! I only got about 6,000 steps the first day. Not that I am going to become obsessive, but I will try to shoot for 10,000 per day. Even people that workout can benefit from NEAT.. Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (or my simplified explanation- daily activities where you are on your feet). So, here’s to more NEAT!


FIVE: My Dill Dip! I cannot get enough of this stuff. If you do not know what I am talking about, read my What to Eat Wednesday post. I cannot believe how much I love it and how much I have been looking forward to it this week. I do try not to go overboard, but man is this good. I think I am officially over my “white food aversion.” Score!!!