5 on Friday

I found a link up that is similar to what I already write about on Fridays so I will be keeping on with the Simple Delights of the Week through the 5 on Friday link up. So fun!



  1. Babies & Best Friends. I spent Sunday and Monday of this week with one of my best friends and her sweet baby, Noah. This was the 2nd baby I saw in less than a week so I may kinda sorta have baby fever. And WOW is it so cool to see my friend as a mom. She is FABULOUS at it and mommy-hood agrees with her. We are friend soul-mates so I always look forward to fun times with Morgan. And I already miss her…photo 2 (2)
  2. The Heights in Houston. I move out of Houston and only then do I find an area of Houston that I really dig. The Heights is a beautiful neighborhood not far from downtown with lovely, older trees and homes. If I were still living in Houston, I would want to live here (as long as I could afford it). I enjoyed taking a walk or two through here on Monday.photo 1 (3)
  3. Season premiere of Hannibal. I am a sucker for scary, thriller type movies and shows. The second season of Hannibal starts tonight and I am uber excited about it. We have a wedding to go to tonight so will miss it on live TV, but On Demand better have me covered for a tomorrow night viewing. It is eerie good!!
  4. Possible answer to my sleep issues. I haven’t written about this on the blog yet, but I have been experiencing restless leg syndrome or periodic limb movement in my sleep. It has woken the boyfriend up several times in a panic so I saw the doc  last week to draw blood and check my iron/ferritin levels. I like to play medical researcher when I have something going on and I found a correlation between iron and possible sleep movements so scheduled the labs. Turns out my ferritin is EXTREMELY low. I am happy to have answers! Now I can supplement with iron and hope that the periodic limb movement is reversed and my sleep goes back to normal. Although, I must say.. as a dietitian/nutritionist I am fascinated by how hard it really is to get iron through foods. I will write a post or two in the future about it. Hopefully my experience can help someone else’s!
  5. Healthy restaurants. I love it when I find a tasty, but healthy restaurant. I know, most of these simple delights are from my road trip to Houston, but it was so fun I can’t resist! The healthy restaurant I tried was Ruggles Green. Houston, move one to Dallas!  PLEASE! Both Morgan and I got a buffalo burger. It was delicious! photo 3