Let Music Move You!

running playlist

I haven’t ran a single mile in over a week and half.   But, yet I am “training for a half marathon.”  Feeling kinda guilty, I decided today was the day to get back with the program.

My excuse was the flu and cold weather.  I let the flu run its course and then only did indoor workouts with this nappy weather, leaving running by the wayside.  And I NEVER run on  treadmill… can’t stand it.  My number 1 rule to physical activity is don’t do something you hate.  If you hate it, you won’t keep it up.  Find activities you actually like.

Today was the day to get back on my training program.  My training program consists of running 3 times per week.  This week’s schedule is 2 days of 5 milers and 1 day of a  7 miler.  THAT alone was frightening me.  I feared the pavement this morning, thinking that there was no way I was going to be able to do 5 miles after not running for a week and half.  Isn’t it funny how crazy our minds can blow things out of proportion?  I mean, some people rarely run and can go for 10 miles.  But, not this girl.

I needed to get my motivation up.  I needed to start turning my fear around and think positively.  I decided I would give my run 30 minutes.  If I wanted to keep going after 30 minutes, I could.  If I didn’t, no worries.  And I got a kick-butt playlist.  I am all about good music!  And of course, “good” is subjective.  You may or may not like my taste, but some of the songs that got me moving today are in the picture up top.

I left for my run and went 43 minutes.  Look at me go!  I did 4 miles.. and you know what?  I feel great about it.  The fear of starting up again is gone.  This weekend I can tackle a longer run with no qualms and GREAT music.  Whenever you fear the unknown or just need extra motivation, let the music move you.  And turn any negative feelings around.  Stay positive. It works!

I love to run. Wait, what?!

If you were to ask me to run 3 miles with you 6 months ago, I would have laughed.  I did not consider myself a runner.  I still loved to workout, but running was not in the mix.

Back in July, all of that changed.  My co-workers and I were developing a “Couch to 5K and 10K program”.  We needed to test it out before taking to our clients so I was one of the guinea pigs.  I signed up for a 10K in October and spent 10 weeks training for it.  Before I started I could only run about 1.5 miles consistently before my knee hurt like hell.  By the end, I was eager to sign up for another race and continue the training.  I signed up for the Turkey Trot- 8 miler.

I also should mention that I utilized my resources and realized the whole knee issue could be from my shoes.  I did not own a pair of running shoes so quickly changed that.  I bought running shoes (pic below) before starting the plan.

running shoes

Turns out that training and having a plan are key.  I didn’t have to “go big” right off the bat so I eased into it and somehow that helped me find joy in running.  The runs quickly became my creative time, clear my head time, and kick major butt time.  I started getting excited about breaking another running record for myself.  I used my Ipod and Nike+ to keep track of my mileage.

I am BIG into music and think it is a great motivator to any workout so you better believe creating playlists on my Ipod is a very regular “to do” as well.

My longest run has been 8 miles now.  I am going to train for ONE more race- a half marathon in March- and then I will tone it down again.  I find I REALLY like running about 4 to 6 miles.  Any more than that and it starts to feel like a chore.

So yes, I can honestly say I love to run.  Never thought I would say that, but I can say it with confidence now.  It is amazing what the human body can do when the mind is in sync with it.