Remember when… Discman Edition


Remember when Ipods did not exist? We used discmans to play our CD’s and before that it was a walkman to play our cassette tapes. ¬†Well, I had a red discman and I loved the heck out of it. I took it to college with me and we connected over Rascal Flatts.

I became a so-called health nut my freshman year of college. Before that, I actually used to eat quite a bit of nutty bars and instant mashed potatoes, while my beverage of choice was a Cherry Coke. How is that for a healthy diet?

Back to the health nut talk… I loved walking to the gym in the morning. I would grab my discman with Rascal Flatts CD inside and off I went. Keep in mind this was back in the day of KAZAA, which is now illegal, so I had all my favorites on one CD. I didn’t want to look like the uncool kid at college with a discman hooked to the top of my pants so I always carried the darn thing. I never take my Ipod for granted now for being so light and easy to run with!

In March of 2003, my brother went off to war. March was a very tough month for me that year. I often worried about him, prayed for him and his safety, and tried to stay in the loop of the war without knowing too much. My discman got me through some tough times! When I needed some feel good endorphins I would wake up in the morning and head out the door with that red discman and Rascal Flatts. I am not a singer nor will I EVER claim to be, but I sang along. I was in the moment. I could never hit the “I melt…”, but in my head I sure did. I am always a better singer in my head when my voice is not following along. Funny how that works.

Truth is, I was able to escape. I was able to find joy during a dark time. I remember that red discman and boy will I never forget it.

Do you have anything like that? Something that really helped you get through a tough time?