Sunday Social: Simple Questions!


We have some simple questions lined up for today’s Sunday Social and I LOVE it! 

Questions are:

Gum or mints? Mints all the way. I used to be a gum fanatic and literally would have gum after every meal or snack. But, I thought about it long and hard and decided I didn’t want to be a regular smacker. I mean, some people REALLY smack gum without even knowing it. I did not want that to be me so I gave gum up late last year. I now regularly turn to Altoids smalls.altoids

Tea or coffee? I am a tea girl through and through. At times I can even cross the “tea snob” line. But, what can I say, I love a good cup of hot tea! Only every so often will I want a cup of coffee… love the smell, but not a big fan of the taste. Maybe I just haven’t had a reallllly good cup yet?!IMG_2133

Fruits or veggies? Fruit. I have always loved fruit and easily eat 3 or more per day. Veggies are extremely nutritious and I love them too, but it does take a more conscious effort to eat more veggies.

TV or movies? TV. Surprisingly, I had this conversation with my brothers on Friday. I made the statement that I love TV shows, because you get a “break” in between episodes. When we watch TV at night, I would much rather sit through 40 or so minutes, break for a bit, and then watch another episode. Sitting for an hour and 30 minute to 2 hours all at once isn’t for me to do on the regular. I either fall asleep or get antsy.

Candles or diffusers? Candles. In fact, I have one lit right now and it is “Lanikai Coconut”. Love the smell! I also love the light from candles so will often work or do a little yoga in candlelight. It is so peaceful!IMG_3159

Thanks for joining in on Sunday Social! Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday.

Girl Chat Questions


Did you have a great Valentine’s Day weekend?  Mine was fabulous.  I could not have asked for a better weekend and not because it was Valentine’s Day weekend, but because I spent quality time with my boyfriend, mom, and friends at different times.  I am all about love and connection in 2014!

I listened to a Tone It Up video on Saturday and loved the questions they were asked.  Figured I would answer the same questions.  I would love for you to pick one or two to answer as well.  Heck, or even write a blog post with your answers too and send me a link. I would DEFINITELY give it a read.  Here we go…

  1. What is your favorite indulgence?  Chocolate chip cookies. And not just any chocolate chip cookie, but one that is homemade or from a bakery.  Not from a package.
  2. What is your favorite cocktail?  Anything with champagne. My drink choice over the holidays was grapefruit juice and champagne. Mimosas are also a fave.
  3. The clothing item you can’t live without? Skinny jeans or pants. They have been my go-to item for the past 2 years.  I have NEVER liked jeans until I bought a skinny pair so now I am not sure I will ever get rid of them.
  4. Your favorite workout song? The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson.  Anytime that song comes on, I have to move something.  Even if I am walking down the street, I may have to move the hips a bit.  It gets me dancing that’s for sure.
  5. What is your favorite way to sweat? Dance my butt off.  For how much I love to dance, I do not do it enough.
  6. Your favorite new band? Haim.  Check them out! Their fan base keeps on growing and growing.  I wish them much success!
  7. Your favorite color? Purple. It’s the color of loyalty AND I have loved it ever since I was a girl.  One of my favorite colors to wear too.
  8. Where did you grow up? Rockwall, TX just outside of Dallas.
  9. What is your favorite TV show? My current fave is probably Blacklist, but I wouldn’t say it is my fave of all time.
  10. Any embarrassing accidents? Who hasn’t had one?  My most recent one actually happened today.  I went for my run and thought I saw my boyfriend in his car driving down the street so I smiled and waved.  When I got home and asked him if that was him, he said no.  I either made someone’s day with a smile or creeped someone out with the wave.  Or both.
  11. What was your first job? Babysitter.  I always loved it too. Kids are full of joy and fun!
  12. What was the name of your first pet? Jasmine.  I don’t remember her much, but I have seen pictures.  Jasmine was our cat and Ginger was our dog. Oh, do I love pets!
  13. What’s the one thing you refuse to share? I was the only girl with two brothers so I have a hard time sharing my toiletries like make-up, loofahs, razors, toothbrush, etc. I just think some things should be yours only.
  14. If you had to move to another country, where would you go? I used to think New Zealand, but I have never been there.  Recently, I took a trip to St. Lucia so I know I could absolutely make it in the Caribbean.  Island/beach girl at heart!
  15. What is your favorite confidence booster? Doing my hair and make-up.  I spend a lot of time in workout clothes or working from home so it feels good to get a little girly at times.
  16. How fast can you say the alphabet? Just call me Speedy Gonzalez. Less than 5 seconds.
  17. If you were a jungle animal, what would you be?  A white tiger.  They are breathtaking and I have a huge heart for felines.
  18. Waffles or pancakes? Pancakes.. I used to be borderline addictive.  Now, I only have pancakes like once or twice per year. And not on purpose, I just think they are messy to make myself and I rarely go out to eat for breakfast.  I have been seeing recipes for protein pancakes lately so I will have to try those soon.
  19. Skiing or snowboarding? Skiing.  I grew up skiing and tried snowboarding once, but was on my butt and knees 90% of the time so I gave up.  I wanted to enjoy the rest of my vacation instead of turn black and blue.
  20. Your best piece dating advice? Be open and honest with your communication. There is no need to fester on issues.. just talk about it. 9 times out of 10 if you aren’t happy with something, either is your partner.  Start the convo and you will be surprised at how much better off both of you are.
  21. The one item you always have on you? I rarely am without a ring on my right ring finger.  I only like to wear one ring at a time for some reason.  Too many rings look funny on my hand!  So, I pick from one of my James Avery rings. I have a spiritual one and a heart one.  Spirituality, love, and connection mean a lot to me!
  22. Favorite weekend indulgence? I have had way too many of these lately.  Sweets all the way!  This week I am going to try and reduce the amount of sweets I consume. I can go overboard if we have too many in the house.  Yes, I know, I am a dietitian and should know better.  But I am also human so I don’t. 😉
  23. Best pickup line? “How you doin’?”  And most certainly in the Joey voice.  Gotta love Friends!
  24. If you were a food what would you be? An omelet because so many items can be added to it to make it the best ever! I think that goes for life too. It’s the little things in life that make it the best ever.
  25. Think of your life as a movie- what would the title be? Finding her zen.  I feel like life is a journey and you really have to enjoy each step along the way. Even when an event or time in my life does not go as predicted, it is important to look past negativity and focus on the good. I strive to find my zen in everything that I do.. even if that means something has to change.