What is your Why?



What is your why? This may sound like a simple question… and it is, really. But, the simplicity of the question should not take away its importance. It is a VERY important question.

Your why is what will MOVE you to creating goals and not giving up. Your  why is what will MOTIVATE you when the going gets tough. Your why brings purpose and passion.


So what is it for you… What is your why? Why is healthy living important to you? It can be different for everyone. My why for healthy living is so that I can be the BEST me. I feel at my best when I am moving more, nourishing my body with lots of fruits & vegetables, sleeping well, meditating, kicking stress to the curb, socializing with my friends/family regularly, giving back to others, giving love to my pets, and the list goes on. My list for living a healthy, happy life. I am sure you have your list too.

This topic was on my mind over the weekend as I was making a video for the company that I work for. I do not make videos as my job and I think I would shoot myself if I did. Video creating and editing is tough work. I got so frustrated SEVERAL times. But, pushing that aside, I created a video with some of my co-workers “why”. I had surveyed my co-workers last month and asked the very question, “What is your why?” I loved the responses I received! It was so overwhelmingly encouraging and motivating. I share it with you on the blog in hopes that perhaps one or two may stick out to you. It may motivate you to create your own why.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic. Comment below what your why is or why you think having purpose is important.