Happy New Year!

new year

Happy New Year, friends! I hope 2016 brings you much joy and happiness.

I am looking forward to all this year brings. First up, in February, will be the birth of my baby boy. I love having him in my tummy and I am also really excited about meeting him in approximately 6 weeks. Even with all the happiness and excitement a baby brings, I am also reading or hearing about the baby blues that can often happen in the two weeks following the birth. Hoping I don’t experience this, but it is always good to be aware and arm yourself with tools to combat any stress, anxiety, or depression that may rear its ugly head. I found a podcast for new moms that discusses a lot of these issues- Newbies by New Mommy Media. I love finding new resources like these!

On another baby note, a gentleman came to our house last week to fix our heater. My husband told me that he and this man were having great conversation and asked about children. My husband mentioned we were expecting and the man said something along the lines of, “Being a dad will come naturally to you. You’ll know what to do.” I love that!

I love the thought of trusting in myself that I will know what to do. I will not parent perfectly and I will not expect to have a perfect child, but I sure will love that child unconditionally and show him what it means to love and be loved.

If you have any new mommy resources, please share! I am currently trying to find a list of things to pack for the hospital. I know 6 weeks is early to pack a bag, but I want to start soon so that if I need anything I do not have I can order it.

Cheers to 2016!

Not fearing the birthing process anymore!

birthing process

Update time… I am 31 weeks pregnant! Feels like I am in the home stretch and in 9 weeks or around there, my husband and I will meet our baby boy. For such a joyous time of year, I feel even more joyful housing an itty bitty soul. And I am proud to admit that I no longer fear the birthing process!

I have to admit that before I got pregnant, I had my assumptions…

  • I assumed I would not like being pregnant very much. WRONG! I have loved it. The good way outweighs the bad for me. I do credit much of my energy to working out throughout pregnancy and doing yoga. Keeping those endorphins high! And to the naysayers out there, I modify.
  • I assumed the birthing process was meant to be painful and I feared it VERY MUCH. Well, the jury is still out on the pain, but I have changed my mind. I am no longer afraid of giving birth. I credit my newfound knowledge to my birthing class, Birth Outside The Box. My hospital’s birthing classes were at odd times that did not work for my schedule so luckily found this online class. I did not intend to change my mind about having an epidural and trying the whole natural birth thing, but my plan A is to give birth naturally now. If I end up needing an epidural or having a C-section, well so be it, but those are my plan B’s and C’s. I want to feel myself push and work with the baby instead of being numb. And there are so many cool ways to stay relaxed while giving birth. It is the tension and anxiety that causes pain!
  • I assumed I would not like my body with a belly. I have never loved my belly more. Seriously! It is the coolest thing to watch it grow and now watch it wiggle with baby boy’s movement.
  • I assumed I would love my OB and that my insurance would work smoothly throughout the pregnancy process… you know, since pregnancy is nothing new to insurance companies. This is one I wish I was right on, but unfortunately learned my lesson. First things first, my OB is a great doctor but her practice bites. The wait times have been 45 minutes to an hour and half. Unless you are giving me diamonds, I don’t want to wait that long for a 10 minute check up. At 31 weeks, I am switching OB’s. Not only because of the hassle this place has been, but also because my insurance changes January 1st and she is no longer in network. Blessing in disguise? I think so. Praying that my new doc and practice is much better! And we won’t even get into the insurance process.. it makes me giggle how things work and rarely does it fully make sense.
  • I assumed strangers would treat me like any other stranger. Wow, people love pregnant women! I think I get more attention than a whore right now. Not going to lie, most of the time it is refreshing because of the nice words said but there have been a few times where I think…. did you really just say that?

I have a lot to get ready for in the next 9 weeks. I meet my new doctor on December 24th and I just visited my new hospital. I loved it! I got great vibes from that place. Looking forward to meeting baby soon, but for now will continue to enjoy every minute of holding him in my belly.

Hope everyone is joyful this holiday season!

Gearing up to teach my first yoga class

I have been practicing all week, here and there, for my very first yoga class. I have taught other fitness classes, but never yoga. And no matter how many fitness classes one has taught, the nerves of a new class do not go away.

But with nerves comes excitement too. I do feel honored to be teaching others the gift that is yoga. And I feel lucky that students will actually be in my class. That isn’t a guarantee, you know.

Tonight is it, dear friends! Tonight is my first class. So earlier today, I put on my new maternity workout shorts that were gifted to me from For Two Fitness® to review and got to stretching. It was divine and I feel ready. Granted, I will still have the nerves as I drive up to the studio, but overall I feel ready.

I will provide an update on how my first class goes later this week on the blog. Today I want to talk about the shorts. I know so many other pregnant mama’s out there so let me just tell you, these are awesome! So comfortable and if it weren’t 50 degrees outside right now I would also wear these for my boot camp workouts.

I had never heard of For Two Fitness® before I got pregnant. And if you are into fitness like I am, you want to stay fit during pregnancy so as soon as my belly got bigger and my regular workout shorts got uncomfortable (there is nothing worse than doing squats with shorts that are too tight and don’t move with belly) I started looking for prenatal workout wear.

Here is a little about For Two Fitness®: For Two Fitness® is the premier maternity fitness apparel brand, offering performance apparel that functions and flatters like nothing else. They are committed to celebrate and support moms who are striving for healthy, fit pregnancies. Their fabrics are high performance, soft, moisture wicking, and originate from the same mills as the fancy athletic apparel you already wear. Maternity clothes are expensive as it is, so they work hard to keep these high end, specialty garments affordable. They offer basic neutrals and vivid, on-trend colors that pop. They also design all their own garments in-house and slogans are trademarked so you won’t find these cute tops anywhere else!

Love that! I am in my third trimester so comfort is HUGE for me. Here is a pic of me practicing my yoga in the maternity yoga shorts.


If you have been pregnant or are currently pregnant, did you purchase any maternity workout wear? If so, what has been a lifesaver for you?

Disclaimer: I was gifted the maternity shorts by For Two Fitness® but all opinions are my own.

Pregnancy Update: 25 weeks

September and October are the busiest months for me with work. November might be too, but I am hoping it slows a bit. We’ll see. Since I work for a benefits company, we work hard during these months to prepare for the new calendar year. So with that, I have been distant from my computer (and this blog) lately.

Since it has been awhile, it is only fitting to give a little update. I am at 25 weeks today! Little guy is growing a ton. Want to see Prego the Cat?


What I love about being pregnant so far:

  • Feeling little guy kick. He has been very active lately and especially likes to move whenever I am hungry or sitting/laying down.
  • 2nd trimester energy. I know I am almost out of the 2nd trimester, but I hope I can hold on to this energy as long as I can. I enjoy working out right now (with modifications, of course)!
  • How nice people are to me. I don’t know if it is solely because I am pregnant, but I love how nice people are right now. I have had doors held for me by strangers and the women that I workout with are so motivating and always tell me how great I am doing.
  • My brother asking me how his nephew is doing. Little guy is already bringing joy to the family.
  • Not really caring too much about nutrition. I know, I know.. I am a pregnant dietitian. Shouldn’t I care? I think as long as baby is getting calories and I am taking my prenatal, all is well in the world. Some foods simply do not appeal to me right now so eating 5 vegetables a day is not going to happen. I don’t overeat simply because it is uncomfortable if/when I do so I eat what I can and what I want at that time. It really is interesting to see how taste buds change with pregnancy.

I had a virus earlier this week and then my husband caught it. It was such a scare. I ended up passing out during one of my vomiting episodes (I had 9 different vomiting episodes by the way… my poor body!) and it scared me so bad we went to the hospital. I didn’t know if passing out could affect the baby so we had to be safe. That hospital bill won’t be fun to look at, but at least it gave me peace of mind. Little guy’s heartbeat was fine the whole time. Thank God! We are feeling back to normal today. I think we may celebrate with a yoga class and a Starbucks tea (holiday cups, anyone?).

Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween! Welcome to November.

19 weeks and counting!


I cannot believe I am almost half way through my pregnancy! I have been absent on the blog A LOT lately and haven’t talked much about my pregnancy, but now is as good of a time as ever. I am officially at 19 weeks.

I have gained about 10 lbs total so far. I was so nervous at first because most of that weight has been gained during the 2nd trimester (the past 7 weeks). In fact, I only gained 2 lbs in the first. I thought I might be gaining weight too fast but then many of my friends calmed my nerves by telling me how much weight they gained during pregnancy. Yeah the recommendation may be 25-35 lbs for those that are normal weight to begin with, but that doesn’t always happen. So I am going to focus less on weight and more on how I feel. And I feel pretty darn good!

I love being pregnant mostly because of this being growing inside of me. It is so cool to think of our baby boy growing each day and on some (hopefully sunny, and not icy) day in February we will get to see his beautiful face and hold him for the first time. It is such a blessing and a miracle at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong, not everything is peaches and roses for me during pregnancy but the good far outweighs the bad. But just for fun, here are the not so pleasant things (since not everyone talks about them & they are meant to be silly):

  • Treats I used to like no longer appeal to me… (I have no desire for chocolate of any kind).
  • And treats I used to not care for suddenly appeal to me… (I love me some skittles, starbursts, and chewy sweet tarts).
  • I am hungry a lot and sometimes get tired of eating.
  • My pants don’t fit so I have to wear them unzipped with a BeBand over them so they don’t fall down.
  • I have been back on the workout wagon these past few weeks which is AWESOME, but sometimes when I do squats my shorts cut into my tummy and it does not feel good. Plus, running and jumping make me have to pee (as if I don’t already have to pee a million times per day).
  • I can only sometimes make it through TV time at night. Most of the time I pass out and have to re-watch the netflix show the next morning to be up to date before my husband and I try to watch the next episode.
  • I only now started liking vegetables again (in the form of baby carrots). Good thing I have never stopped liking fruits (and I do take a prenatal vitamin).
  • Maternity clothes are way more expensive than normal women clothes it seems.. or maybe I am not looking in the right places. I decided to only buy a few pieces and then see if my regular stuff can last and stretch with me. Might be wishful thinking!
  • My tummy often feels weird…. like reflux or heartburn kinda weird.
  • I get sentimental when I drive in a car and sometimes tear up. It has nothing to do with driving and everything to do with having time to just think about this little nugget (and a few other family-related things). Oh, emotions!

If you have been pregnant before, did you have any of the same experiences above? Happy Monday, friends!