Current Favorite Health-Related Podcasts

Favorite Podcasts

I am linking up for The Fit Dish with Jill Conyers and The Fit Switch today. We are discussing podcasts. I am always looking for new podcasts to follow so am really looking forward to reading all of the posts today! I follow a few comedians and one reality star (guilty pleasure!), but I do have 3 current favorite health-related podcasts too so I will share those today.

I have talked about one podcast below on one of my wedding series posts, but I will name her again because I am still digging on it!

  1. Fearless Rebelle Radio with Summer InnanenI love her caption so will share it directly… “Fearless Rebelle Radio is here to empower you to defy the standards and break the rules in order to radiate confidence, relish in your uniqueness, and live life fearlessly on your own terms.” Who can’t dig that?!?!
  2. Mind Body Musings Podcast. Maddy Moon is a podcast host I heard through Fearless Rebelle Radio. She was a fitness competitor and realized that the starvation diets and strict exercising left her unhappy and wanting more out of life. She now strongly advocates trusting yourself, loving yourself, and saying no to the crazy diet and exercise rules. This is probably my favorite podcast of the moment because I love all of her topics lately!
  3. The Model Health Show. This one is with Shawn Stevenson and I can’t believe I had never heard about him before. I found out about him when he was a guest on Fearless Rebelle Radio too. I love his voice! And since podcasts are all voice that is an important characteristic. He does say some out there stuff that I would probably never try, but most of his stuff is interesting.

Side note: if you haven’t heard of Dear Sugar Radio, check it out too. I love the questions that come in… it is almost like a Dear Abby column. I always loved reading those in the newspaper as a kid so always seem to enjoy this podcast too.

I am just scratching the surface on health-related podcasts so seriously cannot wait to find more! What is your favorite podcast, health-related or solely for entertainment?