I play. I create. I succeed.


I listened to a¬†thought provoking guided meditation yesterday and it was so on point I feel the need to share a little about it. Hoping it may inspire you as much as it inspired me. The mantra of the meditation was, “I play. I create. I succeed.”

The guided meditations that I use are with Oprah and Deepak Chopra. I love both of their voices and find them soothing so it works for me. It wouldn’t work for everyone! I get that. Anyway, Oprah introduces the topic for a couple minutes. Deepak Chopra takes over from there and expands on the topic. He also provides a mantra for the actual meditation portion. Then, meditation starts with calming music for ~10 or so minutes. I find that I get the most out of these meditations when I am walking so I like to participate in “moving meditation” as I like to call it.

Play. What do you think of when you hear that word? I think of children playing in the front yard with a dog, a ball, or just each other. I think of the memories I have with my brothers playing baseball in the front yard or hide and seek in the house. It was a VERY important piece of my childhood. I am sure it was important to you too.

Now when I think of the word in an adult sense, I get a little stumped. I don’t play often enough. My ideal forms of play include¬†goofing off with my boyfriend on microphones (even though I don’t sing well), tricking the cats with crazy cat toys, dancing while I clean (that counts, right?), coloring or crafting things, running around in the yard with dogs or kids (even though I don’t have any of my own yet), and playing cards or board games with my extended family.

Play is important to adults… just as it is to kids. Playing helps our minds relax and not take things so seriously. We need time to play. It helps us create. It helps us show love in a different way. It allows us to give time to others. It allows us to laugh more, grow a new memory, and savor the moment that we are in. Play is beautiful!

I hope you will play a little this week.. or even a lot. I plan to focus on more play, that’s for sure. Life is fun.. and we should enjoy more of it! Don’t you agree?

Question of the day… what is your favorite form of play?