I am not always 100% certain I am saying this right, but What to Eat Wednesday has the spotlight on Pho. Have you heard of it or tried it yet? And, most importantly are you in love with it as much as I am this time of year? Warms me right up!

In case you have NO clue what pho is, let me give you a brief explanation. It is a Vietnamese dish with a blend of broth, rice noodles, herbs, and meat. It looks like this…

chick pho

I have been to 2 pho restaurants in Dallas and like them both really. The first was Pho Crimson in Uptown (which is actually pretty close to the new Pure Barre). The second was Pho is for Lovers on Greenville Ave (next to the first Pure Barre in Dallas). Ain’t that something?! You can get your workout on first and then nourish your body with a bit of pho afterwards on these cold days. Well, as long as you are in Dallas anyway. And if you aren’t, I am sure pho restaurants are booming in your town too.

One thing to keep in mind is that pho is still high in sodium so if you are watching your sodium intake, you will get about 380 milligrams of sodium. Just like other soups! You know the drill… but on the flip side of the coin, you will get plenty of protein, fiber, iron, and other vitamins/minerals. It is not high in calories or fat either. So, what are you waiting for? Eat up!

So now a question for you…. have you ever tried pho? If so, what is your FAVORITE pho restaurant?