I got a massage!

And I want to gift you a massage too. But, we’ll get there. 

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First things first, I went to Massage Envy near my house yesterday and had such a relaxing massage. I needed it! I always tell myself to get massages more regularly and then fail to do so. I end up just getting one 2-4 times per year. Ideally, though, I would get a massage twice per month. Am I alone on that?! Didn’t think so.

Massage therapy is an essential part of wellness. Many of us think of massage therapy as a luxury, but it actually is extremely beneficial for the body. Especially if we are regular exercisers.. which we ALL are. Right?!?! 😉 Massage therapy helps us reduce muscle tension, pain, and most importantly STRESS. The world is one big stressed out cookie so we can all use more tools to help us relax. So next time your husband or wife tells you that it isn’t in your budget to get a massage, just tell him or her that you need this for your wellness program. It sounds official and hey, who can argue with a wellness program?!

I like deep tissue massages so my massage therapist went deep. My shoulders get so tense and sore from working out, while my neck often gets tense from sitting at a computer for my day job.  I felt instantly better when I walked out that door.

If you are like my mom, you may be uncomfortable with the thought of getting undressed for a massage. But, you only have to undress to your comfort level and no one is in the room while you are changing. You literally undress and get under the covers. Very professional and even if you are modest, it is nothing to be worried about. Trust me, after your first massage you will feel like a pro.

With massage therapy, I think it is important to like your massage therapist and to communicate your needs/expectations before the massage. For instance, if you want lighter pressure or you have an area you do not want touched (like feet.. some people are ticklish), do tell your massage therapist ahead of time. And if you decide you want firmer pressure when he or she gets to your back, just tell them right then. They won’t bite! It is your massage so you should enjoy every moment of it!

While I was at Massage Envy yesterday, I noticed an AWESOME event coming up. Massage Envy Spa DFW and the Arthritis Foundation have joined forces to host the 4th annual Healing Hands for Arthritis, a one-day national event to build awareness and raise funds to fight arthritis. On September 17th, $10 from every one hour massage or facial will be donated to the Arthritis Foundation.

Okay, so now to the giveaway. I am giving away one gift card for a 50 minute massage (valid at DFW Massage Envy Spa locations only). To sign up for the giveaway, you must “like” Massage Envy DFW on facebook and comment below why you need a massage. The winner will be announced on Thursday at 3pm.

I was not compensated for this review, but I was provided a free massage. All opinions are my own.