Excellent food-related book

Excellent Food-Related Book

I don’t always post on Sundays, but when I do… it’s because I really have something to share. ūüôā

I checked out an excellent food-related book from my library a week or so agao after hearing about this author, Geneen Roth, from a fellow dietitian AND again on the Fearless Rebelle radio podcast. I like to read wellness-related books in between my fiction reads. This one did not disappoint. In fact, I highly recommend it if you have EVER felt weird around food, been overly obsessing about eating healthy lately, or are simply just interested in this line of thinking.

The book is Women Food and God. The first few sentences of the front flap of the book sum it up…

“If you suffer about your relationship with food- you eat too much or ¬†too little, think about what you will eat constantly or try not to think about it at all- you can be free. Just look down at your plate. The answers are there. Don’t run. Look. Because when you welcome what we most want to avoid, we contact the part of ourselves that is fresh and alive. We touch the life we truly want and evoke divinity itself.”

So many women tie self worth to the way their body looks, how “good” they can be on a diet, or the number on the scale. Those things do not define us. It is my hope that more and more women value themselves highly and end the body-hate war. Dieting is not the answer.. it is NEVER the answer. Tuning into oneself is. Mindful living is. Showing up is. Listening is. Oh how I could go on and on.

Before I go, I have to share two other parts of this book that resonated with me. The first is this…

“When I told myself that this time I could eat what I wanted with no strings attached- no threat of a diet on any Monday morning the rest of my life- I headed straight for the foods of my childhood I was never allowed to eat… And as I’ve written before, I was so elated with my resolve to never diet again that I didn’t notice I was bumping around in a sugar haze from eating only raw and cooked chocolate-chip cookies. I needed to prove to myself that what I wanted most was not forbidden, but what I didn’t understand was that I didn’t want the cookies; I wanted the way being allowed to have them made me feel: welcomed, deserving, adored.”

Many of us have been there in some form or fashion. Eating habits can often be a symptom. If we can look inward, we can find out what it is we really need. She figured out that she needed to feel welcomed, deserving, and adored. Once she realized that, she didn’t need the cookies to make her feel this way. Another great point on the same page she says.. “We don’t want to eat hot fudge sundaes as much as we want our lives to be hot fudge sundaes.” SO stinkin’ true!!!!!!

The second part was close to the end. It¬†goes a little something like this…

“The more you pay attention, the more you fall in love with that which is not obsessed: that which is blazing itself through you. The life force that animates your body. Food becomes a way to sustain that blaze, and any way of eating that keeps you depressed or spaced out or uncomfortable loses its appeal.”

Just so good, right? Geneen Roth knows what she is talking about. I love finding other like-minded professionals in the wellness world. The world is full of strict do’s and don’ts but life is not about that and we don’t have to follow. Light your own spark.. carve your own path. Even in regards to health and wellness.

Happy Sunday, friends!

Getting Naked & Personal



Did you really think I meant naked? Like, nude naked? Come on, I keep things PG on the blog.. or maybe PG-13 at times due to language. Oops, sorry mom!

So what is the deal with the selfie and the #RFGoNaked? It is a way for Rodan + Fields to give back to charity. No, I am not a consultant. But yes, I am a customer. I was introduced to the Unblemish line by my friend, Mindee Haas, and was instantly hooked. I seriously LOVE my skin now and have her to thank. I was getting the stressed-out blemishes ALL the time so after my breakdown moment, HAD to do something about it. And lo and behold, she was at a Pure Barre event talking about R+F that very weekend. Magical! Serendipitous, perhaps?!

So back to the selfie and the important part- charity! For every no makeup selfie posted on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the #RFGoNaked, $1 will be donated to help build a school through BuildOn. VERY COOL! I love it when social media is used for a good cause.

Consider joining in! All you have to do is take the selfie and use the hashtag above. Today is the official RFGoNaked Day.

I have another thing to share. I got personal. I know, I know.. what a day. I get naked and then get personal. I am going to need a therapy session after this….

No, but really… I got personal and shared my intuitive eating journey¬†with a fellow RD. She has a GREAT blog, Mindful Meals, and the transformation story rolled out today. You can view my story here. I went deep. I went there. I feel vulnerable, but if my story can help another then I know my purpose for sharing the story was met.

If you or anyone you know has EVER struggled with food, self esteem, body bashing, dieting mentality, etc.  please know that you are not alone and you CAN overcome it. Intuitive eating has seriously changed my life for the better and is why I NEVER recommend strict dieting. Dieting creates a disconnect with mind and body, which does not do a body good.

Please know if you ever have any questions, concerns, or need advice, you can always reach out. 

Stop Eating When Satisfied!

21 Day Nutrition Challenge


Okay, let’s get the obvious out of the way. We, in general, as a nation, eat too much! Diet-related diseases and obesity are a big problem here. That’s no surprise to us… we hear it all the time.

What are we to do? We all know what is healthy and not healthy, for the most part. We know eating less and moving more are keys to preventing some of the diet-related diseases and obesity. Many of us just lack motivation or support. Many of us are just too stressed. Some of us even eat crap BECAUSE we are stressed (think emotional eating).

We need to slow down. We need to savor our food and check in with our bodies. We need to end our memberships to the “clean our plates” club.

Take time this week to check in with your body before and after a meal. Practice putting your fork down after bites to check in with yourself. Are you satisfied? If the answer is yes, be done with your meal. Have no judgment. If you get hungry later, you can have a snack. Don’t feel the need to overeat just because your plate is full. If the answer is no, keep eating. But then check in with yourself again to stop whenever you are satisfied.

Stopping when satisfied is different than stopping when full. Let me explain the difference. Stopping when you are satisfied means you are not hungry, but are also not completely full. As a guide, you are about 80% full- give or take. Stopping when you are full means you cannot put another morsel in your mouth (or don’t want to). You have no room for anything else.

You may be surprised at how less you eat naturally whenever you listen to your body. Savor your meal, the experience, and that meal time with loved ones (or if you are alone, the time to be still with no agenda).

Intuitive Eating

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intuitive eating

Ever heard of Intuitive Eating?  I know, sounds like you should meditate while putting that fork to your mouth, but that is not necessarily what it means and it is a really cool concept.  In fact, being intuitive with ALL you do helps to increase delight in the simple things.  The everyday, ordinary things.

So anyway, I bring up being intuitive with eating, because it would help decrease a lot of weight and eating disorder issues.  Many women I meet are so fixated on weight loss fads, diets, pills, what to eat, what not to eat, etc. that they forget about their own hunger and fullness cues.  Our bodies freaking ROCK!  Our bodies let us know when we are about to catch a cold or something similar (the very reason I am drinking Emergen-C as I type) and when we are starving our booties off versus having a food coma from eating to much on Thanksgiving (was that you?).  All we have to do is listen.  Not all of us are good listeners (understatement of the year), but we can learn to listen more.

Intuitive Eating is nothing new; however, two dietitians (Elyse Resch and Evelyn Tribole) really coined the term and developed it into an approach for creating a healthier relationship with food, mind, and body. ¬†I totally dig it! ¬†I used to overindulge in foods that I restricted. ¬†The rebel in me came out when I followed a “diet” and things would spiral out of control. ¬†I do not subscribe to restrictive eating anymore and instead listen to my body. ¬†I feel better than I ever have because of it too!

If you have ever struggled with food issues, I encourage you to look into intuitive eating a little more.  You can find the book relatively inexpensive from Amazon or Half Price Books or even look up more resources online.  It will not only allow you to be more in tune with your eating, but also with life.  How much more enjoyable would life be if we would all stop to smell the roses as they say?