What Makes a Woman Inspiring

what makes a woman inspiring

What makes  a woman inspiring? I am getting into this one big time with an acrostic. Oh and before I get to it, this is part of the Fit Dish link up with Jill Conyers and The Fit Switch. Feel free to join in on the fun and write a post about what you think makes a woman inspiring. There is way too much negative in the world and we can make it more positive. We have the power!


Initiates. She asks for what she wants and isn’t afraid to hear the word no. She takes risks to reach her goals and gives things a try. Why not?!

Nonjudgmental. Everyone is judgmental at times, but an inspiring woman chooses to reduce judgment and stay open-minded. She is willing to listen to others and empathize. She can relate!

Strong and confidentAn inspiring woman is confident in herself and can overcome adversity. She is resilient!

PositiveShe is optimistic and believes that her positive spirit can influence those around her. She strongly desires to make the world a better place in some way.

Independent. An inspiring woman enjoys being around people, but does not need someone else to make her who she is. She loves herself enough to make it on her own, but chooses love of others to add spark to her life.

Realistic. She stays in tune with what is real versus idealistic. She does not reach for perfection, because let’s face it… what is the fun in that?!

Imaginative. This may sound conflicting to the one above, but it isn’t. An inspiring woman has an imagination and isn’t afraid to dream. She is creative and illustrative in what she wants. Then she goes for it!

Not Afraid to be Herself. She is comfortable in her own skin and thrives by staying true to her values. She does not let other people’s opinions guide her every move. She walks to the beat of her own drum!

Gets Back Up. Life is not about avoiding the lows. It’s about not letting the lows keep us down.  An inspiring woman learns to get back up when she falls. She tries again an goes for the gusto, not letting fear overtake her!

So there you have it… a quick look at what makes a woman inspiring. I am sure I missed a couple or a lot, but I like this list. And I will remember it whenever I am choosing who to set as my role models. I have heard before to go through social media accounts and only follow those that make you feel good. If you follow an account where you always feel bad about yourself afterwards, it is important to use that simple button duly noted as “unfollow”. So here’s to following those that inspire you and not worrying about the rest!

Let’s inspire others. What makes a woman inspiring to YOU?