Hilarious Fitness Experiences


I am laughing right now while I type this. I am thinking about some of my hilarious fitness experiences. I have many (as well as hilarious dating experiences, but maybe another blog post?!). Today, I am sharing two that hopefully will give you a little giggle or a smile.

Before I get started, this is a fun topic through the Fit Dish link up with Jessica Joy and Jill Conyers. #FitFam all the way!


As I have mentioned on the blog before, I teach group exercise classes. I have for about 7 years now give or take. I currently teach Pure Barre only, but started out creating my own classes in a bootcamp, interval type of style. And my first hilarious fitness experience that I am going to mention on the blog starts with this class.

Let me set the mood...

It’s April 1st (April Fool’s Day) and a weekday. I was going in to teach my regular interval class. I had rockstar participants that always showed up. It was a gym that belonged to a subdivision so all of the participants lived in the same housing area. They were all fitness buds so I knew I could do something silly for April Fool’s Day.

I was really close to two of the participants so I told them beforehand my plan. I wanted at least two people to go along with my scheme so that it seemed real, ya know. So I start the class… we are doing the warm up… and if you teach group exercise at all you know that people do WHATEVER YOU DO during class. If I wave to someone outside, a participant is likely to think that is part of the exercise move. Not sure why, but it happens every time. Knowing this, I knew I could do something funny that would be repeated by all just out of habit.

So, my next move was…. the bend and snap! I had a serious face when I said it and all I have to say is, it was AMAZING! We all got an extra abdominal workout with all the laughing. ūüôā …. works every time (to be said in THAT voice).


Do you remember whenever I mentioned my favorite fitness accomplishments about 2 weeks ago? Well, this story has to do with the MS 150.

One of my best friends (I’ll call her M) and I trained for the MS 150, a two-day bike ride from Houston to Austin. You stay the night somewhere half way, but I forget the town now. We worked for Shell at the time and they were sponsoring a tent for all of us Shell participants. They also transferred our sleeping bags and such for us.

M¬†and I took advantage of that. Or so we planned. We borrowed our friends’ blow up mattress. It was the king of blow up mattresses at the time… I’m talking at least 3 feet tall, plush, and comfortable. It was either a double or a queen size so we knew we could both sleep on it. And after 7 hours of riding on a bicycle, you look forward to luxury zzzz’s (especially if you have to be in a tent outdoors).

So, we get started on our first day of riding. This is our first huge ride like this mind you. I received weird stares from the start because of my mountain bike. I put road tires on the darn thing, but apparently riding a road race on a mountain bike is laughable to “experts”. But, I wasn’t swapping out my mountain bike for a road bike. No way! I love it AND the Ipod docking station fit perfectly on my handlebars. We had read somewhere that you weren’t supposed to bring radios, but are you kidding me? I love music and let me tell you, music really can MOVE you! So can GU. I learned about GU from a fellow co-worker (and expert road racer.. he was done in 4 hours the first day that took us 7.. show off!).

About 2 hours into the race I look at M and am thinking, I really need a boost.¬†She agreed so we tried some GU. Holy cow! It was either my silly mind or the GU, but I became the Roadrunner being chased by Wile E Coyote. Seriously, I was moving my legs so fast and giggling at the same time… other peeps probably thought I just committed a crime or ¬†needed to be sent to a psychiatric ward. And then I turn up the tunes and of course it is one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs (The Way You Make Me Feel). Game over.. definitely being sent to the ward. I was delirious!

Not too long after that I also sang “I Shot The Sheriff” to the cops working the race. I don’t think they heard me… thank goodness. That’s probably like yelling “bomb” in an airport.

We get done with the first day. Woo hoo! And decide we are hungry. We eat some veggie burgers at the first tent and then we¬†go for a little walk to see all of the other tents. We see a tent with a “pancake breakfast” sign. We light up and look at each other like kids in a candy store and decide at that moment that two dinners is justified after a long race. Pancakes WILL be ours! Our 2nd dinner did not disappoint.

When it was time to roll out our bed, we blew up the mattress and drew a bit of a crowd.¬†Our coworkers laughed at us a bit as they¬†had cots with sleeping bags. We looked a little showy, but we didn’t care. We were sleeping GOOD tonight!¬†Until we both woke up in the middle of the night in the shape of a V. Our asses were hitting the rocks below, while our heads and legs were elevated. We had forgotten to plug up the air mattress all the way. Most of the air had let out. The next 4 or 5 hours of sleep was a bit rough with the rocks digging into butt tissue, but luckily we laughed it off. Well, except for the moment we found a spider on our bed.. then we screamed, but the rest was full of laughs.

The MS 150 was full of memories I won’t ever forget. You really do get silly with too much exercise, too little sleep, and way too much GU!

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What is your most hilarious fitness experience of all time?