Let’s talk summer habits

Summer Habit

What habits are you currently working on? I think it is fun to change habits every now and then. I am a HUGE believer in baby steps and celebrating improvements, no matter how big or small. So it is time to think about summer habits.

The fit dish link up topic for today is, “What’s one habit you want to create for summer?” Shoutout to the hosts, Jessica and Jill!

The summer habit I want to create is VERY simple. I have been in a bit of a workout funk lately and have not done ANY weight training in months. Months?!? Yep, you got it. This workout lover has been slacking in that department.

I blame it on my Fitbit. Don’t get me wrong, I love this device, but it makes me cardio crazy. I have to try and figure out how to get 10,000 steps per day for my charity team at work so that takes the cake over other workouts lately. However, I think strength training and flexibility training are important too.

So, my summer habit that I am creating is to do weights 3 times per week at home. I particularly like to use my 8 lb dumbells, 5 lb dumbells, and 18 lb kettlebell. Since my habit consists of 3 days per week, each of these will be full body workouts. I found this great workout in Women’s Health magazine so will start with that and then change it up in a couple weeks.

Have I mentioned Habitbull yet? It is an app that helps you develop habits. I have been using it the past month and find it pretty helpful! Check it out if it interests you. I don’t get paid to say that.. just like the product. I read about it in a magazine while I was on vacation.

What is your habit for the summer? Much love to ya, friend!


Altering my Starbucks Habit

Break theHabitChallenge

I am two weeks into breaking my almost daily Starbucks habit. I wrote all about it on July 7th and kicked off a little challenge with it. You can read more about that here if you missed it. Seems fitting to provide a little update so here we go.

How am I doing? Kicking ass and taking names. Yes, you read that right.

My goal is to only visit Starbucks once or less per week. And when I decide to go, visit an actual Starbucks location and not the miniature ones you find in Tom Thumbs, Targets, and other stores. They were almost always a disappointment to me.

My first week, I treated myself to a Starbucks on Saturday with my favorite Zen tea. I bought it before heading to the grocery store for our household weekly purchases. I did feel totally zen. The whole time. And I savored the heck out of that tea…

My second week (or this past week), I did not visit Starbucks at all. I did, however, purchase a small Chai Latte at Central Market on Sunday while picking up a few items. I love that store. City of Rowlett or Rockwall, do me a favor and build one a little closer. Please!

I knew I would save some money by breaking this habit. I also knew I would get rid of the constant urge to get a Starbucks any time I walked into a Target or was out and about on the town. Those two were given. And it feels great to be saving money and to be rid of those borderline-addict type of urges. You really can develop a bad habit over good things. It’s crazy, but it happens. When you feel urges or negative emotions about a certain habit, whether it’s a good or bad habit, it is time to make a change. Even if a small change.

A few other positives have happened as well. Now that I am brewing tea at home more, I find that I savor it more, only drink it when I want it (instead of feeling like I need it for caffeine), and am okay with lesser amounts. I was the chronic Venti-is-my-size orderer. Any smaller size and I would feel like, “What’s the point? Load me up, Captain!”

I am pleased. I hope that if you ever find yourself needing a little change, that you do it. With an open-mind. You never know what positives may come of it. And don’t be ashamed of your habits. Own them. And change or alter the ones that need a little cracking.

In the words of Michelle, “You got it, dude!”

Heart to Health Challenge

heart to health

I just looked at the calendar and guess what?!  It is exactly 1 month until Valentine’s Day.  Since Valentine’s Day is all about hearts and chocolates, I can’t stop thinking about our real hearts.  I mean, our hearts tick for us EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Did I emphasize that enough?!? Our hearts allow us to enjoy each moments with our loved ones.

In honor of your heart and mine, let’s kick off the next 30 days with a little challenge.  I love a good challenge, especially one that is good for me!  This challenge is not hard at all.  Anyone can do it. And it will get you to focus on that heart of yours.  It will bring awareness to just how important your heart is.

Did you know?

  • Heart disease is THE leading cause of death for both men and women (about 1 in every 4 deaths)
  • Every year, about 715,000 people have a heart attack

Ouch!  And most are preventable through an overall healthy lifestyle and/or changing bad habits like quitting smoking, reducing sodium/salt intake, etc.  So that is what the Heart to Health challenge I created is focusing on.  Over the next 30 days, create a specific goal for yourself.  Take a look at how you are going to achieve this goal and even break it down if you need to.  Focus on how happy and healthy your heart can and will be.

Invite others to do the same!  Share on your favorite social media platform with your goal!  Show your heart some love and then celebrate it on Valentine’s Day by cherishing each moment.

My personal goal for the next 30 days will be to practice 1 healthy habit daily to reduce stress.  I will be choosing from the following each day: 20 mins meditation/yoga/stretching, bubble bath, reading a magazine, going for a quick walk, or watching a girly show on TV.

From my heart to yours!