Wedding Series: 11 Weeks to Go!

Wedding Series 4

No video blog today, friends. Just words. I’m having an “insecure” moment and need a break from putting myself out there in the video world. No worries, “this too shall pass.” We all get there at times and it’s okay.

I have 11 weeks to go until I say I do! I had an absolute blast this past weekend with my soul sisters and best friends, the maid and matron of honor. They are blood sisters that I have known since the age of 2. It’s super cool to have two friends that I have been through every milestone with. I only have brothers so these girls hold a special sisterly bond in my heart! Okay, enough sap…  how fun is this?! We had a slumber party Saturday night for old time’s sake.  A girl is NEVER too old for a slumber party!

A few wedding details we decided on….

  1. Bridesmaids dresses! They fit and look beautiful so I have officially ordered them. I went with the convertible dresses from The Jersey Maid in purple.  They look good on all shapes and sizes! And the best part? Each bridesmaid gets to decide which style to go with (i.e. strapless, sleeves, halter, etc.).
  2. Couple’s shower! Matt and I were not sure if we wanted a shower or not. We are really set on having our registry be for charity. In fact, we had Dog and Kitty City (a no kill shelter in Dallas) register for items they need on Amazon. That will be our main registry/charity! I did, however, agree to have a “patio” shower on a patio. We will register for a few outdoor patio items AND still give the option to donate off our charity registry. The girls said I have to wear a yellow dress for this shower so I am a little giddy about shopping for a new yellow dress. I love having someone tell me ideas on what to wear. Feels like I have a stylist!
  3. Bachelorette party! It’ll be at the end of April in Ft.Worth. I love Ft.Worth’s downtown so much more than Dallas’ downtown. I may even bust out my Cowboy boots! No penis straws or blow up dolls for this bride… we are keepin’ it classy because my mom and her two friends will be there too (at my request). They are SO fun!! And my two high school buddies are helping coordinate it with the sisters. They are going to be a part of the wedding party as well, greeting guests as they arrive at the wedding.

An update on my health goals… sugar is so stinkin’ hard to reduce! My mind is starting to think of the sugar reduction as a diet and when I diet, no good things happen. I rebel. You follow? So, I am not focusing on any health goals this week in terms of nutrition. I am still not having much caffeine and will continue this, as it is now officially a habit. I don’t miss it! My fitness goals… I went so hardcore with Insanity Max 30 that I got tired near the end of the week and was NOT UP FOR IT AT ALL. I went back to walking and yoga. This week I am looking into an Insanity Max 30 and PIYO hybrid to try out for a bit. Will also continue with yoga.  You guys…. I am falling more and more in love with yoga!!! I want to find a local yoga studio to belong to. Luckily, I have a membership to Classpass so will try out a few studios before choosing one officially. Very excited about it!!

How was your week? And honestly, friends.. is the video blog from the past 3 weeks fun or boring?!? I can take it away, keep as is, or try to improve and make it better. I am thinking they need to be under 5 minutes IF I keep them. Any constructive feedback you have, I am all ears. Like I said, having an insecure moment with the video stuff. 🙂

Looking Ahead: Goals for 2015

5 goals

Yikes! I can’t believe I am already thinking about 2015. But, it’s good to be a goal setter so I’m going to do it. Especially since it is the subject of today’s Fit Dish link up with Jessica Joy and Jill Conyers. My #fitfam is keeping me in line!

So, looking ahead, here are 5 of my goals for 2015…

{ONE} Get yoga certified. I have actually been saving up for this so I think 2015 is my year to get yoga certified. I love love love yoga and want to dive into it even more. Yoga certifications are both lengthy and pricey so it wasn’t one of those certifications I could get whenever. I am guessing it is because you learn quite a bit and are required to do so many hours (200 I think). I am keeping my eye out on the best places to get certified in Dallas. If you know of any, please let me know.

{TWO} Learn to swing dance. I love learning about dance and learning new dances so swing dancing is on my radar. My boyfriend and I actually found a good place to learn and practice on Wednesdays, but we have not been yet. December has sure been a busy month so I am pushing it to January or February for when we start learning. It’s going to be a blast!

{THREE} Travel abroad. I really have my heart set on New Zealand or an African safari. Or heck, if I have enough PTO we’ll do both!

{FOUR} Attend a blogging  conference. I have so many great ideas for the blog, but putting pen to paper is so hard to do with a full time job at times. I would love to hear how other people balance a career, family, and a blog. I have heard so many great things about conferences too, but I will need to save up since many are out of state.

{FIVE} Get educated in real estate. I am not going to quit my beloved career to become a real estate agent, but I do have an interest in real estate. I think the later part of 2015 will be a good time to go through a real estate course.

I really am excited for 2015 and hope you are too.I have a feeling that when January comes along a couple of these may change  slightly, but I will for sure do another vision board around that time. I love doing vision boards!

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Got a Dream board?

dreamboard 2014

Have you ever created a dream or vision board?  I created one in college, but that was about it.  Until this past weekend.  And I am left with the question… why do I not create one of these EVERY year?  They are a fun and creative way to get you thinking about the year ahead.

There are no rules to creating a dream board.  I have seen some extremely artistic boards with original drawings and pictures.  I am not quite that talented (yet!) so my art comes from cutting up magazines and strategically placing them on the board.  It works!  I am also a woman of words.  Words motivate me even more than pictures do I think.  So, I definitely put key words on my vision board.

Let’s dig in a little…

The left side of my dream board is geared towards my personal life, while the right side is geared more towards Simple Delights.  Here are a few key dreams:

  • Personal: get yoga back into my life, dance in a musical or other performance, travel regularly (on my list for 2014: St. Lucia, Hawaii, & Colorado for sure), save more money (hopefully at least $500 per month this year), and focus attention on love, family, and the little things.
  • Simple Delights: grow Simple Delights into a must-read blog, get published in a magazine, improve my social media presence, add nutrition counseling to services offered through Simple Delights, provide motivation and inspiration to others through Simple Delights.

So there you have it.. my dream board.  I will keep it placed in my office all year-round and then hopefully make a new one next January.

Here’s to a good year!


Bri’s 2014 Goals

The Crafty Practitioner
I am a day late to the game, but not a dollar short.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to officially make resolutions, but with everyone I know calling them goals I will happily follow suit.  Goals are what keep me reaching for the stars.  And I like reaching for stars.  So here I go with my official 2014 goals…
  1. Try 10 new adventures this year!  I will probably tackle at least 3 new ones by the end of the month even.  St. Lucia, here I come and I am READY FOR YA!
  2. Be good to my soul daily.  I will start with meditation.  I really want it to become a habit- 20 minutes every morning.  I find that when my mind is calmed first thing, most other things fall into place for the rest of the day and I feel genuinely happy.
  3.  Run my first (and probably only- we’ll see) half marathon.  I have already signed up for it so there is no turning back now.  I will run the Rock N’ Roll Half in Dallas on March 23rd.
  4. Make a vision board and place it in my office where I can see it every day.  I will try to tackle that this month so it can be motivation and inspiration for the rest of the year.  I will post it on the blog sometime after I create it.
  5. Dance in a musical or performance of some sort.  I was planning on auditioning for a local musical in November and couldn’t last minute.  I love to dance and want to perform again.  I have that itch.  So in 2014, I am going to scratch it.

Alright, 5 is a good number so I am going to stop there.

What about you?  I would LOVE to hear your goals for 2014!