Favorite Things on Friday!

I keep seeing all these fun Friday favorite posts. I was about to write a post on love before I realized I have some favorites I can share from this past week. So many new things have made their way into my life! I love it. And I still probably will write that post on love so you may get 2 posts from me today.

Here we go… Favorite things Friday! They are all wellness-related so it can be a part of Fitness Friday too with Jill Conyers. YAY! Okay, am I just a little too excited on this Friday or what!??!

My first favorite from this past week is a new tea. I can’t get enough of this Lemon Zinger tea from Celestial Seasonings. I first tried this tea over Christmas in Colorado when my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins left some tea at my parent’s place there. It was Lemon Zinger and I immediately thought, “I love that I don’t have to cut up lemons for this tea.” I know, weird thought, but I always have cut up lemons on hand for my black teas. Although, as some of you know, I am cutting caffeine as part of my wedding health goals so am staying away from black teas. Well, this has been the PERFECT substitute!

lemon zinger


My second favorite for this week is a picture of this cute, cuddly cat of mine. I saw her laying like this today and it melted my heart. Little soap box moment… I really do not understand people who do not like animals or pets. They are gifts from God! I treasure my pets.. hope you do too if you have any!



My third favorite for the week are these workout capri’s I just bought from Six:02. I LOVE the color! And the picture stinks, but I just wanted to get a close up of the pattern so you could see it. These are Under Armour pants and have you been to Six:02 yet? I love that they have many different fitness brands for women available under one roof. Very cool place if you love a variety of fitness brands!

capri pants


My fourth favorite for the week is this book. I am reading it for my local book club that I just joined. I could not put it down. I read the whole thing in less than 5 days. It is about this lady, Alice, that hits her head in spin class and then cannot remember the last 10 years. She doesn’t remember that she was in the middle of a divorce; she still thinks she is in love with her separated husband. Very interesting take on a book and I loved it! I hope they make a movie out of this one.

What Alice Forgot


My fifth favorite is the scent of Eucalyptus and Mint together. Oh my invigorating! I light it whenever I write a post or am working on something serious for work. It keeps the stress away!



I know you have a few favorites from the week. Name one for me! And then go and enjoy the weekend. ūüôā

Festive Friday Fun

I just wanted the title to be all F words. Good thing I didn’t choose the bad F word- that would have really changed the tone of this post. No, I want today to be all about festive and fun! It IS Friday after all.

What are you up to today?¬†After work, my boyfriend and I will be making our way to the Texas State Fair. The fair is the same every year, but I always love walking around for at least a couple hours. He wants to try a funnel cake flavored ale. I am really feeling a caramel apple on a stick this year I think. Can’t tell you the last time I have had one!¬†We also want to see the car shows, animals, and maybe play a few games. I am not a fan of the rides so could do without those, but we’ll see. Should be fun!

Tomorrow I have a wedding to go to for one of my college roommates. She is going to be a beautiful bride and I cannot wait to see her walk down the aisle. I am taking my brother with me so that he can enjoy some Houston sites a bit after the wedding and on Sunday morning. Should be festive!

And since it is Friday, I want to share some fun pics from this past week. Hope you enjoy!

I had to share this video first, because it is of my cat, Cali. She cracks me up!¬†For those that do not know, Cali¬†is the only pet I can truly call “mine”, but I do care and love for others just as if they were my own. Anyway, enjoy her being funny in a Dr. Pepper box…

This pic is of Junior. I found him with this odd black mark on his face. He always does the cutest poses too so naturally I name this pic… Junior as Marilyn!

Junior as Marilyn

Junior as Marilyn

This picture is of the fun run from Wednesday that I held for the company I work for. I love everything about wellness, but one of my favorite things is when people come together for a fitness event. We all inspire each other to live a healthier life.

GPA BeWell Fun Run

GPA BeWell Fun Run

My boyfriend and I went to Broken K ranch last night. It was a beautiful fall night! I saw at least 10 deer and we fed the horses, cats, and dogs.

Broken K Ranch

Broken K Ranch

5 on Friday: Birthday



It’s my pre-birthday weekend so I am pumped! I am turning 30 on Tuesday and know that I will love every minute of my thirties. My 20s have been good to me, but they have been somewhat of a roller coaster. Whose hasn’t?! So here’s to thriving in the thirties!

My 5 on Friday will be dedicated to birthday stuff.

{ONE} I treated myself to Hawaii this year for my birthday trip. One thing about me that you may or may not know already is that I will pay MUCH more for memories than I will for things. Traveling and spending time with loved ones on special trips is priceless. So, this year, I visited my cousin-in-law and her son for a week in Hawaii. Kailua to be exact! Best birthday present I could have gifted myself.


{TWO} I am having a get together tomorrow at a place in Dallas that has a “beachy” atmosphere. It’s called Sandbar and has sand volleyball and healthy bites. I cannot believe I have never been here. But, tomorrow.. it is ON! Sand volleyball has been calling my name for awhile and let’s be honest, I love the heck out of ANYTHING that is beach-related. (Have I ever mentioned that I named my cat after California?!)


{THREE} My birthday toes. I love purple and palm trees (go figure!). So, I got a pedicure this past Sunday with both. Might be a little over the top, but hey.. it’s my birthday!

Untitled design (4)

{FOUR} Birthday dinner. The boyfriend is making me dinner tonight. I am super excited about it. It’s the little things, y’all! I make dinner for both of us most of the time (okay, maybe 2 or 3 days out of the week and the rest we are on our own, eating leftovers, or going out to eat). It’s such a nice treat to have it go the other way around. Bring on the grill!

Untitled design (5)

{FIVE} With 4 days left of my 20s, I want to give them a proper farewell.

  • Thank you, 20s, for allowing me to make kick-ass friends at Texas State University and graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration, while having the time of my life in college.
  • Thank you, 20s, for giving me the best 21st birthday I could have asked for (with a trip to the Spurs locker room on the night they won the Finals in 2005).
  • Thank you, 20s, for getting me to Houston where I met some additional kick-ass people, made some great memories, and had my first “real job” at Shell.
  • Thank you, 20s, for teaching me that my real passion is nutrition, fitness, wellness, and health in general.
  • Thank you, 20s, for pushing me to go back to school and graduate with a Master of Science in Nutrition (and get my Registered Dietitian certification in the process).
  • Thank you, 20s, for allowing me to become a fitness instructor and eventually find Pure Barre (where I teach now).
  • Thank you, 20s, for giving me a relationship that would teach me to grow, become a better person, find my confidence again, and learn so much (6 years and counting!).
  • Thank you, 20s, for providing me the opportunity to see my parents pursue a huge dream of theirs and the bonus of also seeing my mom retire (with a huge smile).
  • Thank you, 20s, for giving me the career and job of my dreams.. being a wellness coordinator for various companies.
  • Thank you, 20s, for allowing me to find my passion of dance again through latin ballroom dance lessons.
  • Thank you, 20s, for reminding me how important the people in my life are. All people, past and present.

You have been good to me, 20s, so when I leave you I will always remember you.

Five on Friday



ONE: My letter to grandma this week.¬†My grandma and I still write back and forth. She lives in Webster City, Iowa, so it is a great way to keep in touch. She doesn’t do email or facebook or any of the social media stuff. I don’t blame her either.. and thank goodness, because if she did I wouldn’t get to enjoy snail mail. It seriously rocks and makes me sad that it is slowly going away.

This week I surprised her with a couple of goodies I couldn’t resist. Wishing her a happy (grand)mother’s day next Sunday!


TWO: Usher and Michael Jackson pics on the IHeartRadio Music Awards last night. Did anyone else see that? It freakin’ rocked!


THREE: I cannot get enough Insanity these days.¬†Is anyone else in love with the workout DVD’s? I am so over running for now and am on the Insanity bandwagon. I literally feel like I could kick someone’s butt afterwards. I hope my love affair with this workout sticks for awhile!


FOUR: I got a fitbit for $4 (had an Amazon gift card for the rest of it).¬†So far, I am loving it. Have only used it for 3 days so have been observing my “steps”. Don’t think because you are into fitness and workout regularly that you get a lot of steps in. Holy cow! I only got about 6,000 steps the first day. Not that I am going to become obsessive, but I will try to shoot for 10,000 per day. Even people that workout can benefit from NEAT.. Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (or my simplified explanation- daily activities where you are on your feet). So, here’s to more NEAT!


FIVE:¬†My Dill Dip! I cannot get enough of this stuff. If you do not know what I am talking about, read my What to Eat Wednesday post. I cannot believe how much I love it and how much I have been looking forward to it this week. I do try not to go overboard, but man is this good. I think I am officially over my “white food aversion.” Score!!!


Five on Friday



ONE: Sleep is so not overrated. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE sleep. The people who dislike sleep and tell you, “I can sleep when I’m dead,” are seriously missing out. I am looking forward to sleeping in this weekend. How about you? And to honor sleep today, I leave you with a very cute meme…


Picture courtesy of dailypicksandflicks.com


TWO: Fuzzy’s Taco Shop hits the spot every time. My boyfriend came home early today and brought lunch. Isn’t that sweet? Brought home one of my favorites. I had two beef tacos and my taste buds were happy. Do you like Fuzzy’s?


Picture courtesy of Fuzzy’s


THREE: Canton weekend. If you are from Texas or live in Texas, you most likely have heard of Canton. It is an extra large flea market. SUPER HUGE and has anything and everything you can want. My plan is to go on Sunday with my mom… and probably 500 million other people. But, even with the crowds, it is still fun and I still end up with some really awesome purchases.


Picture courtesy of www.firstcantonmonday.com

FOUR: Adding spearmint to my water. I have a big stash of spearmint that I got through my local co-op. I thought I would end up making Mojito’s with the spearmint or some other crafty drink, but I quickly realized that it is EXCELLENT in water. And simple, of course. You know I like simple!

spearmint water


FIVE: Free concerts. Anyone in the DFW area? Apparently there are free concerts all weekend long. Even Tim McGraw will be here. It’s the March Madness Music Fest. I am hoping that we get the energy to brave the crowds one of these days this weekend and see someone live. Gotta love free concerts!

What are you enjoying today?

5 on Friday



Time for 5 on Friday link up!¬†I had so much fun with pictures last Sunday so am going to do more pictures with the link ups. Here are my 5 random delights this Friday…

1. As a dietitian/nutritionist, I hear a lot about emotional eating. Heck, I even do it too at times (against my better judgment). However, I think it is important to soothe emotions without food so I totally dig this handout from Dr. Susan Albers.

soothe without food

2. International Sleep Day. I just heard that today is International Sleep Day. Heck yes, I think will celebrate with a nap. Like this dude…


My dad- the ultimate napper!

3. Pinkberry. We went to Pinkberry after sushi last night for my friend’s birthday. Happy Birthday Heather!¬†More than the food and frozen yogurt, I LOVE time with friends. I CHERISH time with friends. I think spending time with people and enjoying each moment is the secret to life. I really do. So, with that.. “Love the ones you’re with!”



4. Learning to be vulnerable and let go of fear. I turn 30 in 3 short months and have really been opening my eyes to my true self and living authentically. That’s so important. Let’s embrace imperfections!


5. RDN Day on Wednesday! I changed my career after two years of working in the oil industry. I became a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. It was a long journey, but I have no regrets. I love the field that I am in. So on Wednesday, I celebrated RDN (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist) Day by giving a shout out to other dietitians in the field. I have so many mentors and role models! 

Happy RDN day


What was your FAVORITE thing this week?

5 on Friday



I have felt off my rocker a little the past few days so Friday is a fresh start for me. I’ll just call it Fresh Start Friday! ¬†Fun, fun, fun! Anyway, I love this 5 on Friday link up so here it goes… 5 things I am loving from this week:

  1. Unwind with Classical.¬†I am digging this station on Itunes radio this morning. It is keeping my mind at bay and is quite soothing. I used to listen to classical as I studied in college too. It really helped me retain information. It’s great to have on in the background when you don’t have the time to get distracted by lyrics or wanting to move your hips.
  2. Yoga with Adriene. I have the desire to invite yoga back into my life. I have not regularly practiced yoga in over 2 years. I love going to a studio, but am trying to save money right now so have been looking into other options. This week I stumbled upon Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. I loved the class I did. I will definitely be adding in a few of these per week.
  3. Cooking more.¬†I had a love/hate relationship with cooking. Recently, I decided to cook more and experiment with different recipes. I am actually enjoying it! Thank goodness, because I always used to hate saying that I am a dietitian/nutritionist who hates to cook. Now I have flipped it.. well, almost. Not quite to the “love” status yet, but definitely to the “like” status.
  4. The Oscars. I loved all the Oscar buzz this week. It’s one of my favorite award shows and this year did not disappoint. Plus, Ellen rocks!
  5. Naps.¬†And I mean a REALLY good nap when you REALLY need it. I am not always a napper, but when I need one boy can it be the best thing ever. One day I shall put up a hammock in the backyard, because that would be a cool place to nap. Or so it seems. When the weather is nice. We’ll see.

What about you? What are you loving this week?

5 on Friday

I found a link up that is similar to what I already write about on Fridays so I will be keeping on with the Simple Delights of the Week through the 5 on Friday link up. So fun!



  1. Babies & Best Friends.¬†I spent Sunday and Monday of this week with one of my best friends and her sweet baby, Noah. This was the 2nd baby I saw in less than a week so I may kinda sorta have baby fever. And WOW is it so cool to see my friend as a mom. She is FABULOUS at it and mommy-hood agrees with her. We are friend soul-mates so I always look forward to fun times with Morgan. And I already miss her…photo 2 (2)
  2. The Heights in Houston. I move out of Houston and only then do I find an area of Houston that I really dig. The Heights is a beautiful neighborhood not far from downtown with lovely, older trees and homes. If I were still living in Houston, I would want to live here (as long as I could afford it). I enjoyed taking a walk or two through here on Monday.photo 1 (3)
  3. Season premiere of Hannibal. I am a sucker for scary, thriller type movies and shows. The second season of Hannibal starts tonight and I am uber excited about it. We have a wedding to go to tonight so will miss it on live TV, but On Demand better have me covered for a tomorrow night viewing. It is eerie good!!
  4. Possible answer to my sleep issues.¬†I haven’t written about this on the blog yet, but I have been experiencing restless leg syndrome or periodic limb movement in my sleep. It has woken the boyfriend up several times in a panic so I saw the doc ¬†last week to draw blood and check my iron/ferritin levels. I like to play medical researcher when I have something going on and I found a correlation between iron and possible sleep movements so scheduled the labs. Turns out my ferritin is EXTREMELY low. I am happy to have answers! Now I can supplement with iron and hope that the periodic limb movement is reversed and my sleep goes back to normal. Although, I must say.. as a dietitian/nutritionist I am fascinated by how hard it really is to get iron through foods. I will write a post or two in the future about it. Hopefully my experience can help someone else’s!
  5. Healthy restaurants.¬†I love it when I find a tasty, but healthy restaurant. I know, most of these simple delights are from my road trip to Houston, but it was so fun I can’t resist! The healthy restaurant I tried was Ruggles Green. Houston, move one to Dallas! ¬†PLEASE! Both Morgan and I got a buffalo burger. It was delicious!¬†photo 3