Favorite Things on Friday!

I keep seeing all these fun Friday favorite posts. I was about to write a post on love before I realized I have some favorites I can share from this past week. So many new things have made their way into my life! I love it. And I still probably will write that post on love so you may get 2 posts from me today.

Here we go… Favorite things Friday! They are all wellness-related so it can be a part of Fitness Friday too with Jill Conyers. YAY! Okay, am I just a little too excited on this Friday or what!??!

My first favorite from this past week is a new tea. I can’t get enough of this Lemon Zinger tea from Celestial Seasonings. I first tried this tea over Christmas in Colorado when my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins left some tea at my parent’s place there. It was Lemon Zinger and I immediately thought, “I love that I don’t have to cut up lemons for this tea.” I know, weird thought, but I always have cut up lemons on hand for my black teas. Although, as some of you know, I am cutting caffeine as part of my wedding health goals so am staying away from black teas. Well, this has been the PERFECT substitute!

lemon zinger


My second favorite for this week is a picture of this cute, cuddly cat of mine. I saw her laying like this today and it melted my heart. Little soap box moment… I really do not understand people who do not like animals or pets. They are gifts from God! I treasure my pets.. hope you do too if you have any!



My third favorite for the week are these workout capri’s I just bought from Six:02. I LOVE the color! And the picture stinks, but I just wanted to get a close up of the pattern so you could see it. These are Under Armour pants and have you been to Six:02 yet? I love that they have many different fitness brands for women available under one roof. Very cool place if you love a variety of fitness brands!

capri pants


My fourth favorite for the week is this book. I am reading it for my local book club that I just joined. I could not put it down. I read the whole thing in less than 5 days. It is about this lady, Alice, that hits her head in spin class and then cannot remember the last 10 years. She doesn’t remember that she was in the middle of a divorce; she still thinks she is in love with her separated husband. Very interesting take on a book and I loved it! I hope they make a movie out of this one.

What Alice Forgot


My fifth favorite is the scent of Eucalyptus and Mint together. Oh my invigorating! I light it whenever I write a post or am working on something serious for work. It keeps the stress away!



I know you have a few favorites from the week. Name one for me! And then go and enjoy the weekend. 🙂

Friday Five

Five random things on this Friday afternoon! Enjoy…

One. I am without a car for a few days. The last time I did not have a car was my freshman year in college at Texas State University… (eat ’em up cats!). I have to say though, I actually loved not having a car in San Marcos. I could walk anywhere and if you know me, you know I love to walk everywhere that I can.

But, I don’t like it much this time around and it is only for a few short days. I will get over it, don’t worry, I know this is #selfishgirlproblems, but I live in the ‘burbs of DFW. The only place I can really walk to that is even remotely exciting is the library and perhaps a Target.  Can’t wait to get my car back!

Iphone 3.25.14 157

Two. I turn 30 in less than a month. I have one word that describes how I am feeling about it and yes, it should be said in Joey Lawrence’s voice…. Whoa!!! I am not afraid of turning 30 and in fact, I know my 30’s are going to be kick ass. I just don’t feel like I am a day over 25. The calendar moves faster than the mind, body, and soul ages. But, no matter what my age, I will always remember this quote…


Three. Do you ever read something at the exact moment you feel you were meant to? It’s almost like someone read your mind and said… HERE, READ THIS. I read a blog post like that today. It was awesome! And my mind and spirit have a renewed outlook on love and faith. I needed that.

Four. Is Orange the New Black? I don’t know, but the show sure is good. We are catching up on season one with two episodes left. I found out this week that the next season comes out on June 6th. Yay for Netflix shows.. I am impressed! House of Cards and Orange and Black are VERY well done.


Five. “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde. I have heard two people say this quote this week. It’s pretty spot on. I leave that quote with you for the weekend. Be yourself. Be authentic. And have a thrilling weekend, dear friends!