WTEW: Savor each Flavor


Today isn’t necessarily a “What to Eat” Wednesday. It is more like a “How to Eat” Wednesday, but that’s okay. There’s room for that. Today and tomorrow during your Thanksgiving meals, savor each flavor!

Did you hear me?


That is such an important word and one that so many people disregard over the holidays. Savor. It means to taste good food or drink and enjoy it completely. If you do this with every bite, you will be less likely to overindulge and end up asleep on the couch 5 minutes after your meal. What I also like about the word is that it does not mean to restrict. Go ahead, eat that piece of pie you have been eyeing. And don’t feel guilty afterwards or feel like you have to run it off. Enjoy it.

The Thanksgiving meal is not a competition of who can eat the most food, although most of us do eat a little more than usual. If you like Mr. Bean (I have never been a huge fan, but thought this was pretty funny), this is how NOT to eat at holiday parties and Thanskgiving gatherings.


So this Thanksgiving, we are all going to savor each flavor. Now tell me, what is your absolute favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving? Mine is probably pumpkin pie or sweet potatoes with butter/cinnamon (but I eat sweet potatoes even not on Thanksgiving. I LOVE them!) And if someone brings a homemade plate of cookies, you better believe there is one with my name on it.

What will you be savoring this holiday? And before we go, one more VERY important thing…