WTEW: Farm Fresh Omelette


Are you an omelette fan? I am a renewed omelette fan and I will tell you why.

First things first, I’m BAAAAAACKKKK!! Hawaii was absolutely stunning and of course, I loved every minute of my trip. My cousin and her son frequent the Farmers Market in her cute little town Kailua so we went on Sunday. Holy kale, I loved it! I think I may add a summer to-do, “Find the best Farmers Market in DFW area.”

We went around 9ish so had breakfast there. I chose a Farm Fresh Omelette from one of the local Hawaiian farms. They used eggs, kale, and heirloom tomatoes. All from.. you guessed it, their farm. It was delicious! And as a bonus, I always enjoy knowing exactly where my food came from and supporting a local farm.

Have you ever seen farm fresh eggs? They are not all white or even all brown. They come in different colors and are different shapes and sizes. I may have to get my hands on some farm fresh eggs here in Dallas.

The kale and tomatoes were a tasty AND nutritious combination. I don’t normally think about putting kale in anything besides a green smoothie, but I will definitely add these to an at-home omelette in the future. And don’t get me started on the tomatoes. Whoa! If you have never tasted the difference of a locally grown tomato versus a supermarket tomato, you are missing out. I could eat these all day long!

Having an omelette is a great way to get in some veggies early on in the day. Most of us only eat veggies for dinner and maybe lunch. Try one this weekend and make it farm fresh if you can!

If you could have a farm fresh omelette right now, what would you add to yours? Please share!

Make Eggs for Breakfast!

8 Day Nutrition Challenge


Eggs are FANTASTIC for you! I know eggs have gotten bad press in the past, but these babies are good for the body. You see, nutrition evolves just like every other science and subject out there. One person does a study and finds out that X is not as good for us as we think, but then 5 years later another person does a study over X and finds something totally different.  This has happened with eggs, coffee, fats as a whole, you name it.

But you know what? We know EXACTLY what goes into an egg. An egg is an egg, plain and simple. Foods with 5,000 ingredients we can’t pronounce are MUCH worse for us. That I know without having to do a study after study.

And you know what again? Eating breakfast is one of the BEST things you can do for your metabolism. Your body has fasted for at least 8 hours (hopefully.. unless you can’t sleep & eat instead). It needs fuel to start the day! Eggs have wholesome protein that will keep you full until lunch. So get crackin’… Saturdays are perfect for egg dishes!

What is your favorite way to eat eggs?