What to Eat Wednesday: Cucumbers

hello there

Lately, I am all about the cuke! It’s an easy vegetable to eat raw and it pleases most people’s taste buds. It goes nicely sliced into a salad or even on a sandwich. I sometimes even sprinkle a little sea salt on it and have it as a side dish or snack. Never thought salt would be good on cucumber until my old roommate taught me that trick. Now, I am loving it!

At 16 calories a cup, cucumbers will not stick to that waistline. And they are so versatile. In addition to the above, you can also use cucumbers…

  • By chopping them up and putting them into your favorite chicken or tuna salad recipe
  • By slicing into thin slices to mix into your favorite cole slaw
  • By putting slices into water to make a refreshing cucumber water.. hello, spa day!
  • By juicing fresh cucumber along with your other favorite ingredients (like green apple, ginger, and lemon perhaps)
  • By chopping them up and making a tabouli or couscous salad
  • By stuffing slices into a pita or wrap
  • By cutting into thicker slices to dip into hummus

So many ways… so many ideas. ┬áHow do you like your cuke?

Eat well!