What to Eat Wednesday: Way Better Snacks

Way Better Snacks

New product alert! Or, new product for me alert. I was at Target and was hoping to find a healthy treat that I could dip in guacamole. I love me some guacamole these days and while I do like my carrots dipped in it, I was thinking of something a little more salty.. like tortilla chips, but not. ┬áSo, I found a good swap…

Way Better Snacks: Simply Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips. Check out these ingredients…

photo 3 (1)

And more importantly, they do NOT taste like cardboard. They are an excellent swap for tortilla chips in terms of taste. The serving size is small- 11 chips, but with these wholesome ingredients and possibly the addition of guacamole 11 is plenty!

When I went to the Way Better website I found a whole list of other snacks too. I would love to try some of these! They have other flavors of tortilla chips, crackers, and even pita chips. I will be on the look out the next time I am at Target, Whole Foods, or Central Market.

Why sprouted when it comes to certain grains? The sprouting process can increase the amount and bioavailability of some vitamins and minerals. I LOVE my Ezekial sprouted grains pita bread and prefer it to any type of regular bread. It is often hard to find bread these days without a whole laundry list of ingredients. Sprouted quinoa and chia seed are in these chips. Those two ingredients, even if they weren’t sprouted, are nutritional powerhouses!

Which Way Better Snacks are you excited to try?