WTEW: TV Time Snacks

TV Time Snacks

Who said you can’t have a lil’ snack while watching TV? Not this girl. In fact, I welcome it at times.

I am one of those people that cannot live by strict nutrition rules. For one, nothing is fun about the word “strict”. For two, rules are meant to be broken. Am I right?!

So put away your strict nutrition rules. You ain’t got time for that. I know certain fitness and nutrition guru’s tell you never to eat in front of the TV, but you don’t have to listen. They aren’t the food police.

Instead, if you are hungry and WANT to savor a snack in front of the TV, do so. I have some healthy, wholesome snack ideas for TV Time. But, if you decide to have a different snack… no worries. Honor your hunger and listen to your body, sista!

My boyfriend and I keep a fridge upstairs in our game room. We watch most of our TV up there so it is nice to have extra beverages and snacks up there. However, before two weeks ago my boyfriend was NOT interested in healthy eating. Or not much, anyways. But, now he is and he has actually been influential on changing the snacks we keep upstairs. The fridge used to have loads of processed chips, cookies, and candy on top of it. Only beverages were kept inside. We have since switched things around and I must say, I love it. I love that we are both eating more fruits and vegetables. We are honoring our bodies with wholesome foods… and what is more kick ass than that in regards to nutrition?! Not much, I’d say.

So, without further ado… I give you my TV Time snacks.

  1. Mixed Fruit. I buy a bunch of different fruit and cut it up on Sundays when I don’t have too much going on. When fruit is easier to grab, you will eat more of it. Plus, aren’t the colors beautiful?!fruit
  2. Tillamoos Cheese Rectangles. I am not a huge fan of cheese so I don’t eat these much, but Matt loves the heck out of them. They are easy to grab and have some protein.tillamoos
  3. Salad. A bag of salad, plastic bowls, easy-to-pour dressing, and a handful of plastic forks will inspire you to eat more veggies. Trust me, it works. Matt even thought of this one! salad
  4. No calorie beverages. I choose La Croix. They have SO many flavors now. I know some people don’t do carbonated water, but if you do try different flavors. At the moment, my top three favorites are coconut, mango, and passion fruit.la croix

What would you add to this list?!