Top 5 Health & Fitness Decisions


I am thrilled to be back into the Fit Dish link up with Jessica Joy and Jill Conyers. It’s been 3 weeks too long, but who is counting?! Today is all about my top 5 best health and fitness decisions. In fact, I think I will make this the top 5 best health and fitness decisions that ANYONE can make (and should make if not already). How ’bout ‘dem apples?

In the words of my favorite Fuzzy’s Taco Shop cup, “Oh Queso let’s do this….”

{ONE} Finding a FAVORITE workout or two (or three). I truly think the reason I look forward to being active is because I have found activities that I enjoy. If running on a treadmill or elliptical for the rest of my life was a requirement to being active, I would be a sedentary potato head. But, I took the time to find activities that I love and because of that, they MOVE me. They get me off the couch.

{TWO} Saying no to dieting. This was a tough one. Who doesn’t like the promise of a skinny tomorrow? Diets can be like vacations where the anticipation is half the fun! But, they failed me. And they fail you. Diets disconnect you from your body. Diets allow fear to rule your roost. And, let’s be honest, they create WAY TOO MUCH FOCUS on food. Who the heck wants to think about food all the live long day? Don’t we have peeps to hang out with? Spreading love and joy is something to say yes to in place of dieting! Trust in that body of yours… it’s a lesson many of us need to learn and it’s okay if it takes awhile to fully sink in.

{THREE} Finding support. Humans strive for connection and we can all find connection in a variety of areas, whether at home, with friends, or even in an online community. It’s easy to turn to social media for the wrong things (obsessing over other people’s picture perfect life), but it can be used for some great things. Hello, motivation, support, and kick-ass #fitfam friends!!! Take advantage of online support if you do not have as much support at home or live alone.

{FOUR} Calming the mind when necessary… and it’s almost always necessary. I am convinced that stress leads to more weight gain and diseases than anything else on the planet. It’s the hardest thing to objectively fix. Think about it… to be healthy, I can eat more fruits and veggies or run 30 minutes per day. Those are simple goals for most people. But, reducing stress is so personal that each individual has to figure out the technique that works for them. Heck, for us crazy, goal-oriented, always moving type of people, having to do a certain number of stress reduction techniques can stress us out. How’s that for ironic? So, instead of reading all the self-help books out there and doing an hour of yoga each day, find simple ways to calm that noggin’ of yours. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of sunshine!

{FIVE} Focusing on balanced health, rather than perfect health. I love being healthy. I have created a career out of it by becoming a dietitian and teaching group exercise classes. I am passionate about it. But, rest, relaxation, and play are just as essential. I do have days where I don’t workout and I am totally fine with it. There was a time where if I had a day off, I kinda freaked out. I ended up not liking that person very much so I changed. And thank goodness, because now if I eat cookies, miss a workout, have a lounge day, or drink wine with friends I just savor it. And maybe the next day I have an awesome workout. Or not. Having balance is better health than striving for perfect health. No guilt allowed!

There you have it friends. What is one thing that would be on top of your list?