Altering my Starbucks Habit

Break theHabitChallenge

I am two weeks into breaking my almost daily Starbucks habit. I wrote all about it on July 7th and kicked off a little challenge with it. You can read more about that here if you missed it. Seems fitting to provide a little update so here we go.

How am I doing? Kicking ass and taking names. Yes, you read that right.

My goal is to only visit Starbucks once or less per week. And when I decide to go, visit an actual Starbucks location and not the miniature ones you find in Tom Thumbs, Targets, and other stores. They were almost always a disappointment to me.

My first week, I treated myself to a Starbucks on Saturday with my favorite Zen tea. I bought it before heading to the grocery store for our household weekly purchases. I did feel totally zen. The whole time. And I savored the heck out of that tea…

My second week (or this past week), I did not visit Starbucks at all. I did, however, purchase a small Chai Latte at Central Market on Sunday while picking up a few items. I love that store. City of Rowlett or Rockwall, do me a favor and build one a little closer. Please!

I knew I would save some money by breaking this habit. I also knew I would get rid of the constant urge to get a Starbucks any time I walked into a Target or was out and about on the town. Those two were given. And it feels great to be saving money and to be rid of those borderline-addict type of urges. You really can develop a bad habit over good things. It’s crazy, but it happens. When you feel urges or negative emotions about a certain habit, whether it’s a good or bad habit, it is time to make a change. Even if a small change.

A few other positives have happened as well. Now that I am brewing tea at home more, I find that I savor it more, only drink it when I want it (instead of feeling like I need it for caffeine), and am okay with lesser amounts. I was the chronic Venti-is-my-size orderer. Any smaller size and I would feel like, “What’s the point? Load me up, Captain!”

I am pleased. I hope that if you ever find yourself needing a little change, that you do it. With an open-mind. You never know what positives may come of it. And don’t be ashamed of your habits. Own them. And change or alter the ones that need a little cracking.

In the words of Michelle, “You got it, dude!”

Break the Habit Challenge

Break theHabitChallenge

I have a bad habit. This habit is one that I WANT to change. I decided yesterday that I was going to take some time over the next month to change it. Realllllly change it.. and not let it come back.

Then I got to thinking a little more. What if others have a bad habit they want to change too? So, I decided to blog about it and create a little “break the habit challenge.” Don’t worry, there are no rules or check-ins… just the comfort of knowing other peeps are changing habits too. Sometimes it helps to know that you have a team. We are ALL connected, after all.

So, I leave this thought with you… Decide today if you have a habit you want to change. If so, change it. What is stopping you?

For those interested, I am going to share my story and the habit I plan to change over the next month. Here it goes…

I love tea. If you didn’t already know that (and I am sure you did), surprise! I also love convenience. Who doesn’t? So, I frequent Starbucks. And I mean frequent. Sure, tea is one of the cheapest things on the menu (I get a venti which ends up being around $2.65), but if I am going even 3 or 4 days per week that adds up to $414-$551 per year. And some weeks I think I am going more than that. I say think because I really don’t know. And THAT, my friends, is why I feel I need to change. 

I have another reason pulling me to change too. I go grocery shopping at Target on Saturdays or Sundays. I love Target. And again, I love tea. So the two go together perfectly. Every time I go into a Target, I feel drawn to stop by the little Target Starbucks store and grab a tea. Only, I am convinced that the little Target Starbucks stores do NOT do as good of a job at making my tea as the free-standing Starbucks. Yes, I have had this conversation in my head… MANY times. The sad thing is that tea is just a tea bag and water, but I am convinced that their water is not the same. So why do I STILL get one? Doesn’t make sense whether I am crazy or not.

The above is plenty reason to change my Starbucks habit. My SMART goal (because let’s face it.. SMART goals just work better!) is that I will reduce my Starbucks tea consumption to no more than 1 per week over the next month. And to add to that, it will be a free-standing Starbucks. I am starting this week so today officially kicks it off. My hope is that I will break the habit this month so that it carries on for the year (and so on).

Here’s to drinking less Starbucks tea and saving an extra $500 or so this year! 

What about you? Is there a habit you know you need to change and have the desire to start? Do it. Because YOU can!