Dear Body, Thank You For…


I love love love the topic for The FitDish linkup this week. What a great week to share gratitude in any form or fashion. And today I am sharing gratitude for my health. Feel free to join in too.. Jessica Joy and Jill Conyers are the hosts of this linkup.

Dear Body, Thank You For…

Allowing me to move on a daily basis. I know I have said this before, but I REALLY am thankful for my feet. I get to do a lot of kick-butt things because of those bad boys.

Letting me get enough sleep each night. I feel refreshed after a good night’s sleep! I know there will be times where sleep is more of a luxury instead of a necessity, but thank you for allowing me to enjoy sleep NOW and recognize its benefits.

Taking care of my hunger and fullness cues. I don’t always listen to them, but when I do I can tell it makes you happy. No diet is needed when the hunger and fullness cues are followed.. that is fo sho!

Connecting with my mind when it needs to shut the f**k up! I love how a workout can change your mood instantly. Feel good hormones?! They’re real. And a good move session can also quiet the mind. There often are moments during a workout where I have to focus on what I am doing presently instead of what I “should” be doing later. I love that.

Being unique. All bodies are different and have their own unique beauty. Instead of body bashing and wanting to change certain things, I choose to love mine. I hope others do too because the world is cruel enough. Every “body” deserves love from its owner.

Giving others hugs and showing love. I love my family, friends, and pets… cue Buddy the Elf. 🙂

Showing me when you need some attention. Talk about honesty. You let me know when I am so sore that I need to use the foam roller or get a massage. You let me know when you are feeling kinda woozy and an illness might be coming on. You also let me know when you have had enough and all you want is the bed and a good movie. My mind sometimes fights you on that one, but you usually win.

Kicking ass. This needs no explanation.

How about you, dear friends.. what do you thank your body for TODAY?

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