Not fearing the birthing process anymore!

birthing process

Update time… I am 31 weeks pregnant! Feels like I am in the home stretch and in 9 weeks or around there, my husband and I will meet our baby boy. For such a joyous time of year, I feel even more joyful housing an itty bitty soul. And I am proud to admit that I no longer fear the birthing process!

I have to admit that before I got pregnant, I had my assumptions…

  • I assumed I would not like being pregnant very much. WRONG! I have loved it. The good way outweighs the bad for me. I do credit much of my energy to working out throughout pregnancy and doing yoga. Keeping those endorphins high! And to the naysayers out there, I modify.
  • I assumed the birthing process was meant to be painful and I feared it VERY MUCH. Well, the jury is still out on the pain, but I have changed my mind. I am no longer afraid of giving birth. I credit my newfound knowledge to my birthing class, Birth Outside The Box. My hospital’s birthing classes were at odd times that did not work for my schedule so luckily found this online class. I did not intend to change my mind about having an epidural and trying the whole natural birth thing, but my plan A is to give birth naturally now. If I end up needing an epidural or having a C-section, well so be it, but those are my plan B’s and C’s. I want to feel myself push and work with the baby instead of being numb. And there are so many cool ways to stay relaxed while giving birth. It is the tension and anxiety that causes pain!
  • I assumed I would not like my body with a belly. I have never loved my belly more. Seriously! It is the coolest thing to watch it grow and now watch it wiggle with baby boy’s movement.
  • I assumed I would love my OB and that my insurance would work smoothly throughout the pregnancy process… you know, since pregnancy is nothing new to insurance companies. This is one I wish I was right on, but unfortunately learned my lesson. First things first, my OB is a great doctor but her practice bites. The wait times have been 45 minutes to an hour and half. Unless you are giving me diamonds, I don’t want to wait that long for a 10 minute check up. At 31 weeks, I am switching OB’s. Not only because of the hassle this place has been, but also because my insurance changes January 1st and she is no longer in network. Blessing in disguise? I think so. Praying that my new doc and practice is much better! And we won’t even get into the insurance process.. it makes me giggle how things work and rarely does it fully make sense.
  • I assumed strangers would treat me like any other stranger. Wow, people love pregnant women! I think I get more attention than a whore right now. Not going to lie, most of the time it is refreshing because of the nice words said but there have been a few times where I think…. did you really just say that?

I have a lot to get ready for in the next 9 weeks. I meet my new doctor on December 24th and I just visited my new hospital. I loved it! I got great vibes from that place. Looking forward to meeting baby soon, but for now will continue to enjoy every minute of holding him in my belly.

Hope everyone is joyful this holiday season!