5 on Friday: Birthday



It’s my pre-birthday weekend so I am pumped! I am turning 30 on Tuesday and know that I will love every minute of my thirties. My 20s have been good to me, but they have been somewhat of a roller coaster. Whose hasn’t?! So here’s to thriving in the thirties!

My 5 on Friday will be dedicated to birthday stuff.

{ONE} I treated myself to Hawaii this year for my birthday trip. One thing about me that you may or may not know already is that I will pay MUCH more for memories than I will for things. Traveling and spending time with loved ones on special trips is priceless. So, this year, I visited my cousin-in-law and her son for a week in Hawaii. Kailua to be exact! Best birthday present I could have gifted myself.


{TWO} I am having a get together tomorrow at a place in Dallas that has a “beachy” atmosphere. It’s called Sandbar and has sand volleyball and healthy bites. I cannot believe I have never been here. But, tomorrow.. it is ON! Sand volleyball has been calling my name for awhile and let’s be honest, I love the heck out of ANYTHING that is beach-related. (Have I ever mentioned that I named my cat after California?!)


{THREE} My birthday toes. I love purple and palm trees (go figure!). So, I got a pedicure this past Sunday with both. Might be a little over the top, but hey.. it’s my birthday!

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{FOUR} Birthday dinner. The boyfriend is making me dinner tonight. I am super excited about it. It’s the little things, y’all! I make dinner for both of us most of the time (okay, maybe 2 or 3 days out of the week and the rest we are on our own, eating leftovers, or going out to eat). It’s such a nice treat to have it go the other way around. Bring on the grill!

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{FIVE} With 4 days left of my 20s, I want to give them a proper farewell.

  • Thank you, 20s, for allowing me to make kick-ass friends at Texas State University and graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration, while having the time of my life in college.
  • Thank you, 20s, for giving me the best 21st birthday I could have asked for (with a trip to the Spurs locker room on the night they won the Finals in 2005).
  • Thank you, 20s, for getting me to Houston where I met some additional kick-ass people, made some great memories, and had my first “real job” at Shell.
  • Thank you, 20s, for teaching me that my real passion is nutrition, fitness, wellness, and health in general.
  • Thank you, 20s, for pushing me to go back to school and graduate with a Master of Science in Nutrition (and get my Registered Dietitian certification in the process).
  • Thank you, 20s, for allowing me to become a fitness instructor and eventually find Pure Barre (where I teach now).
  • Thank you, 20s, for giving me a relationship that would teach me to grow, become a better person, find my confidence again, and learn so much (6 years and counting!).
  • Thank you, 20s, for providing me the opportunity to see my parents pursue a huge dream of theirs and the bonus of also seeing my mom retire (with a huge smile).
  • Thank you, 20s, for giving me the career and job of my dreams.. being a wellness coordinator for various companies.
  • Thank you, 20s, for allowing me to find my passion of dance again through latin ballroom dance lessons.
  • Thank you, 20s, for reminding me how important the people in my life are. All people, past and present.

You have been good to me, 20s, so when I leave you I will always remember you.