Toned Up-date Tuesday: Week 5

toned update

Yeah, yeah.. so I have missed a couple weeks of these updates. Not on purpose though. I had a good excuse. I was enjoying the beach and ocean breeze. In fact, the past couple weeks I have also been less active on facebook, twitter, instagram, and my phone in general. It’s been glorious I must say. My priorities have changed… in a good way. And that’s just what I needed. So to any of you who are stressing out a bit too much or feel like you can’t ever keep up, take a vacation. Live the island life for a week. It will remind you that life is not about the to do list and staying connected 24/7. It’s about letting go and enjoying all that life has to offer. All that nature has to offer. The little moments. The simple delights if you will (wink!).

Wow, so I went on a tangent there. But, I hope you enjoyed it. Now to the tone it up challenge stuff. It is week 5. How am I doing?

  • 66 miles achieved so far towards my goal of 150 miles by summer (June 21st). I walked a lot on my trip, but did not “workout” much. I took my fitbit and just aimed for 10,000 steps per day. Let me tell you, friends, this little device has been awesome to use. On days I do not have time to workout, I just get up more and take breaks throughout the day to reach 10,000 steps. I don’t have to stress about not getting an actual workout in AND I am still active. Win-win!
  • The HIIT workout is still one of my faves. I go to this whenever I need a good 20 minute workout in the morning before breakfast. Honestly, some days I look forward to it instead of going for a run or doing some other cardio. I count 20 minutes as 2 miles towards my 150 by summer.
  • My biggest goal was to eat more vegetables. Boy, am I doing that. And loving every minute of it. Guess what I had today? Beets! I know, call me crazy.. you would think this health nut eats all sorts of vegetables, but not always. Even I have to think about it and make an effort to increase my consumption. Favorite new vegetable over the past 5 weeks? I’d go with spaghetti squash or fennel. Have you tried those?

Living a healthy lifestyle is about simple and fun choices. It is not about a strict diet, workouts that break your back, or stressing out over this and that. A number on a scale does not define you, but finding everyday joy in your life does. I cannot stress that enough. And that is why I love simple challenges like these. They work for me. They are fun for me. They bring me joy.

And with that, I feel like saying namaste. So, namaste, dear friends.

Toned Up-date Tuesday

toned update

It’s toned up-date Tuesday! How about that?! Last week I told you about the Bikini Series challenge, but I don’t want to leave it there. I want to give you an update every Tuesday (next week might be an exception since I will be out of town, but we’ll see). I think updates are important, especially since most people who start a fitness or nutrition plan end it within a month of starting it.

I have told you before that I LOVE working out and eating healthy. I will make it through the 8 weeks with golden stars. But what I have not told you is the reason behind this. I enjoy these things because I make it work with my lifestyle. I have found a way to make living healthy work for me. That’s key because EVERYONE is different.

Another secret of mine: Make progress without seeking perfection.

That wake up call was HUGE for me. I used to be this type of girl: “I started out eating so healthy this week. Mon, Tues, and Wed were such great days for me. I worked out and I ate lots of salads. But then today I had such a bad day. My friend yelled at me so I felt bad. I went to the nearest grocery store and ate a box of cookies. Well now I am just going to blow it and start again tomorrow. Off to McDonalds I go for a happy meal. Maybe that will make me happy.”

Woe is me, right? But see, I wasn’t the problem. I am emotional. I will ALWAYS be emotional.  The problem was my outlook. I was thinking of living healthy as a diet and exercise program. I was also thinking of it as black and white. I was seeking perfection.

Living healthy is now my lifestyle and progress is what I seek. Just like life, it has its ups and downs and I ride it like the wind. With that in mind, here are a few toned up-dates from this past week of the Bikini Series challenge with Tone It Up:

  1. I love the toning workouts. Each day the girls have a toning workout for us to do whenever we can fit it in. I usually fit it in during my lunch break or right after work. They are quick and mostly body weight moves, plus a few with free weights. Sometimes I even do them while watching TV at night. Again, just “fitting it in” is what counts… even if you look silly to your significant other.
  2. I have been better with my snacking at night. I mentioned that one nutrition goal I have during this challenge is to change up my snacking at night. We watch a lot of nightly TV in our home so I was getting into the habit of grabbing the not-so-healthy snacks or even just an overload on any type of snack (healthy or not). Eating in front of the TV is so mindless and can often lead to overeating so my goal was to snack on a serving of frozen fruit. I have been successful for at least 3 or 4 days this past week. Botta-bing-botta-bang! Better than before.
  3. Insanity is still my go-to cardio and I have been successful at doing it right when I wake up, except for a couple of days. I am thinking about changing this up a bit though… just not sure what yet.
  4. I go on vacation next week. Vacations always add a bit of change, but I welcome the change. I think it is SO good for our bodies (and minds for that matter) to get change every so often. I will not have any strict rules for my vacation, but I know that I will naturally be active. I am going to see my cousin and her son in Hawaii. I mean, there will be so much beauty outside that I am sure I will be walking quite a bit. Not much toning, but if I get an itch to do some toning before bed I will just bust out some Pure Barre moves.

And there ya have it… a little toned up-date from me. Have a wonderful Tuesday, dear friends! 

150 miles by Summer!


Who is with me? Ready to take on this Bikini Series Challenge and be bikini ready by summer?

This will be my second Tone It Up Challenge. I really enjoy their challenges, because they are 1) FREE and 2) FUN. Two F words that everyone loves. You can find out more about the challenge on their website (which I linked to above for your easy click & go.. aren’t I sweet?!) and then I will blog about my journey throughout the challenge. Please let me know if you are taking on the challenge too.

My cardio of choice for the 150 miles over the next 8 weeks will mainly be Insanity. I am a lover of HIIT training! Since you really should only do HIIT’s a max of 4 times per week, I will also incorporate running or walking into the mix. And of course, booty shaking when I get the chance. I do love to dance!

How many miles will one Insanity video count for? I am so glad you asked. My 40 minute videos will count for 4 miles. So, to keep it simple… 10 minutes=1 mile for the vids.

On top of the 150 miles, the Bikini Series consists of other challenges as well. Toning workouts are posted on the weekly schedule for the challenge so I will do those during my lunch break or after work (whenever I can fit it in).

What about nutrition? Well, nutrition is VERY important. I already eat pretty healthy, but during this series I am going to try NEW fruits and vegetables. Expand my horizons a bit. And, lately, I have had a bad habit of over-snacking on crap at night in front of the TV. I am going to replace that bad habit with a bowl of frozen fruit and a calorie-free hot beverage (like tea or water with lemon). Not going to get rid of my TV watching, though. Too many good shows on these days. Bates Motel or Blacklist, anyone?

And didn’t I mention FUN? Yes, yes I did. Thanks for reminding me. While I find working out and living a healthy lifestyle EXTREMELY fun, I know that not everyone does. So what I also like about this Bikini Series is that the ladies of Tone It Up throw in some other to do’s into the mix, like making a vision board, creating a summer fun list, etc. Summer is meant to be enjoyable so heck, ENJOY it! Every moment of it… and that, I will.