Don’t Try So Hard

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I found a link up for today and HAD to join in. It’s the “Don’t Try So Hard” link up. I love the concept and the motivation behind this link up so here we go.

I was to take a picture of myself without trying so hard. I chose to take a selfie because normally I hate selfies. I never seem to grab the camera right and pictures are never centered, BUT that’s the point of not trying so hard, right?!?! So, I took a selfie. And another reason I took this is because it is post-yoga. I was feeling GOOOOOOOD! I love the way that I feel after doing yoga- so centered, positive, and ready to take on the world.

Part of loving yourself is loving every ounce of yourself, flaws and all. When I smile, I have one eye that gets smaller than the other. Can you see it? I always notice it in pictures and used to hate it. But, over the years I have learned to embrace it. It’s beautiful and uniquely me. And that’s kick-ass!

What is one thing you find beautiful about yourself?

One of the goals of this link up is to soak the blogosphere with positive thought and self confidence. YESSSS!!! We need more of these link ups. It’s important for us all to remember how beautiful we are, inside and out, with make-up or without, and with flaws and all. Love yourself fully!

the florkens
One additional announcement I have today is…. drum roll please… I created my first video. I have been wanting to do videos on the blog for so long so am happy to have finally put it into action. Expect more in the future! And, this link up came at exactly the right time. It reminded me to release any judgment and just let things flow. No, it won’t be perfect and I may stumble over a few words, but that’s okay. I wanted it to be authentic and genuine. So, it’s nothing special, but it’s a short intro about myself and why I created the blog. Enjoy!