I Turned 30 Last Week!

10 Life Lessons

Birthday posts are inevitable. Especially HUGE ones like the anxiety-induced 30th birthday. Well, luckily, I made it out alive.

I had my 30th last week and feel really good about my 30’s. My 29th was much harder and I did get the anxiety bug about 6 months before the big 3-0, but the couple of months leading up to it and now…. I feel free-spirited. I feel myself. I feel happy!

Since lists are fun and reminiscing is double the fun, I am sharing 10 random things I have done over the years and what I learned from each experience. I enjoyed this so much that I may do this once per month… I mean, there ARE so many lessons we take away every single day.. right?!

  1. I grew up with 2 brothers and learned that sibling relationships are worth fighting for. I have learned that siblings grow WITH you. Not ahead of you, not behind you, but seriously with you (unless you have a serious generational gap- this might not apply).  The oldest is 3 years older than me and the youngest is 2 1/2 years younger than me. We get each other. I love my parents, but they don’t always get our generation… and how could I expect them to? So, conflict sucks, but if it is with your siblings (or any family for that matter), work it out. These relationships are worth fighting for.
  2. I never had a sister, but learned that friends can become sisters. Did you grow up wanting curly hair or straight hair? Brother or a sister? Cat or a dog? You know, everyone wants what they don’t have at the time. I wanted a sister growing up. That shifted for me in high school when I realized that I liked being the only girl in the family (heck, that meant the brothers had a FAVORITE sister.. and that was me.. ALL the time!) Plus, I really did have sisters. I had 2 since I was the age of 2. They weren’t my sisters biologically, but they taught me that your true friends can become family.
  3. Being on the high school drill (dance) team blossomed my passion for dance and I learned that people need hobbies they are passionate about. I absolutely love to dance. I could so become a wedding crasher to dance at a reception every weekend. Don’t worry, I won’t crash your wedding… just invite me and we are all good.  But, seriously, I have learned to have a hobby that you are passionate about. And don’t let that hobby go unless the passion has completely died and it can’t be revived. I am no longer on a high school dance team, but I definitely still dance. And love it!
  4. I fell in love in high school, got my heart broken, and learned that life goes on (and gets even better). I think everyone should experience a broken heart. It’s not fun. It sucks, actually. But, it teaches you that people change. It teaches you that even when you think things are wonderful, it could be even better down the road. We like putting blinders on, but some relationships are not supposed to work out. Take the lessons and the positives of the relationship with you, but don’t sweat the small stuff. Breakups do not mean that one person is unlovable. It just means that the relationship itself is not working and the two people might be better off not being in it.
  5. I moved away, went off to college, and learned to be me (all of me). First things first, eat ’em up Cats! I moved away for school and never regret that decision. I became so comfortable in my own skin in college. High school for me was weird. I was the quiet girl at school, but outgoing outside of school. College taught me to be ME all the time. Not just some of the time. A very good lesson to learn!
  6. I did the “jack of all trades” thing in college and learned that friendships don’t blossom from 1/4 time, but acquaintances do. I was in a sorority and on the dance team. I made some kick-ass friends while in college and seriously had the time of my life. I also was very active in a Christian organization. I was the jack of all trades, I suppose. I don’t regret that. However, I have learned that when you have many different friends in different groups, you really can’t give your whole heart to that group of friends. It’s much better to have a handful of best friends/soul sisters you can count on at any given time than to be an acquaintance to many.
  7. I got my first “big girl” job as a Lease Analyst for an oil company in Houston and learned that it wouldn’t be for me, but it would be a stepping stone to a different career path. I said yes to a great job offer after college. I wasn’t thrilled about moving to Houston, but I took the job anyway. I learned that your first job is just that.. your first job. It won’t last forever. But, this job taught me another passion of mine… wellness. It was at this oil company where I learned that I love everything about wellness programs. So I made a change two years later… and did this…
  8. I took a leap of faith, went back to school, changed my career path, and learned that doing what you love is worth that leap (every inch of it). Going back to school was hard after working two years in the corporate world. VERY HARD!  I wasn’t going to let that stop me, though. I wanted to become a Registered Dietitian and work in wellness. So, I packed up my bags, moved to Dallas, and went back to school. I have never regretted that decision and have learned that this is the career path for me. I love being a dietitian!
  9. I jumped out of an airplane and won’t do it again, but learned that you don’t know if you like something unless you try it. Skydiving was on my bucket list so I did it. I am happy to report that it is now crossed off my bucket list and I do not have the desire to do it again. Some people become addicted to that adrenaline. I, however, did not. I think I am more addicted to the ground than ever before now. Despite this desire to not do it again, this experience taught me how important “jumping” outside of your comfort zone is every now and then. Skydiving also taught me that trying something out is the best way to find out if it is for you or not. It’s all about action, baby!
  10. I got my own pet and learned that animals will change your life forever. Sure, I have had dogs and cats (and even turtles, fish, bunnies, birds, etc.) growing up, but I was a kid. As an adult, I have a deeper sense of gratefulness for animals. I got my cat, Cali, about 5 years ago and learned that pets become family. Your hearts intertwine and it is magical. Humans are not the only important beings on this planet and it makes me sick to think about animal cruelty. I will never tolerate it. Love a pet and you will get more love than you deserve in return.

Happy holiday weekend, friends! Please feel free to share an experience or lesson you have learned over the years too.