Sunday Social: Favorites


Howdy, y’all! I think I have Big Tex on the brain. Only a couple more weeks until the Texas State Fair and of course, we are getting closer to Fall too. I love Fall. The weather in Dallas this weekend was more fall-esque than summer. It was in the 70’s and heavenly. Please stay awhile, weather!  Anyway, it is Sunday so time for Sunday Social. This one is all about a few favorites…

  1. Favorite Scent: Currently, I will have to go with Vanilla Chai. I bought a Vanilla Chai candle from Bath & Body Works and I absolutely love it. When I am having a somewhat stressful day with work to do’s, I light this while working. It really does take at least a little of the stress away. I think of Fall, cooler weather, warm blankets, cozy fireplaces, and hot tea. A few of my favorite things… simple delights if you will.
  2. Favorite Food: Can I be 100% honest with you? My all-time favorite meal is one that I have at least 4 times per week and sometimes every single day. I LOVE it. It never gets old. This will be my go-to meal for life. I just know it. Anyway, drum roll please… my favorite food is peanut butter toast. I prefer freshly baked sourdough bread or Ezekial brand pita with chunky, natural peanut butter, topped with cinnamon, a drizzle of honey, and either raisins or sliced banana. Yum, yum, yum!!!!
  3. Favorite Sound: Any water sounds. I like the sound of rain hitting the window. I also like the sound of waves hitting the shore. Me love H2O!
  4. Favorite Picture currently on your phone: Me loving on my cat, Cali. She is my baby. And I don’t care if you call me the cat lady. I am one proud cat mama. Pets ROCK!IMG_3640
  5. Best memory of the year so far: I love all of my memories from this year so far, but I would say the best was visiting Hawaii. I am a beach girl at heart, even when living in concrete city. I loved being by the beach and, of course, spending time with my cousin-in-law and her son. Making memories in an awesome place with loved ones is perfection in my book.

What is your best memory of the year so far?

  • Such a cute photo !!!!
    Lulu recently posted…Sunday Social #6My Profile

    • Bri

      Thank you!

  • Aw, love the pic with your Cali girl, what a pretty cat! Oh, I love pb on toast too! Have you tried it with pb and bacon? My cousin told me about that, I tried it and it is yummy! Happy Sunday Social!
    mitchypoo recently posted…Sunday SocialMy Profile

    • Bri

      I have not, but boy am I going to try that sometime soon. Yum!

  • Aww, what a cute kitty! My boyfriend has 3 cats. The cats are brother’s and he said he didn’t want to split them up so he got all 3. I love the sound of water too. It was raining earlier and I told him I was going to crawl in the back of a truck and take a nap. Considering we were in the Best Buy parkinglot I was only kidding. I hope your having a great day!
    Leslie recently posted…Sunday SocialMy Profile

    • Bri

      Thanks! And this is going to sound crazy, but my boyfriend has 3 cats too. Haha… gotta love men who love cats! 😉

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