Sunday Social (#5)

Every Sunday, I do a link up with A Complete Waste of Makeup called Sunday Social.  It’s super fun and gets us all SOCIAL!  Feel free to join in on the fun…

What is the best New Year’s Eve you’ve ever had?  I love spending New Year’s Eve at home with close family and friends.  I fear all the drunk drivers on I-30 after the clock strikes midnight so I avoid driving at all costs.  The most memorable New Year’s Eve was definitely for Y2K.  Everyone was afraid the world was about to end so me and my friend Hailee grabbed a pot, a big spoon, and made lots of racket down her street while singing and dancing.  Oh to be a kid again!


Are you doing anything for New Year’s Eve this year and if so, what?  I have a feeling we will stay at home this year, but I have been invited to Southern Junction in Rockwall.  There will be live music (Wade Bowen) and dancing!  May have to at least make a stop there for dinner.

south junc

Name a book we should all read come January.  I did not have any fresh ideas off the top of my head so had to do a google search.  I found this one, “We Need New Names,” by Noviolet Bulawayo, that I am adding to my January reading list.

we need names

What are your New Year’s resolutions?  I am not a big fan of resolutions per se, but instead create a healthy habit to start in January.  Even though I am a dietitian and lover of all things health, my nutrition has not been very colorful lately.  My healthy habit will be to put more color into my nutrition.  I got a juicer for Christmas and it’s so easy to get fruits and veggies in with a juicer!  I will also try to cook more colorful side dishes (like the one below).

photo 2